The perfect circuit

We had a thread on here to design the "perfect" circuit but I'm damned if I can find it :(
I thought so too FB and, like you, couldn't find it. Maybe lost when the software changed.

Just meant as a bit of fun for the 'quieter' days :)
The olny perfect F1 circuit imo, ahs never been in F1 and is the birmingham superprix track. Trust Me! It has nothing todo with being £1.80 bus ride away, knoqwing the local bars n Clubs and being able to drink and party till 7 am before rocking up on a Sunday to watch the Race..... Pity twas 20 years too late for me.

Whats the point in have text in a diagram when you can't read it ?? Anyway it actually looks pretty impressive. Maybe somebody will make it (although the bit i presume is eau rouge looks a little out of propotion)
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