The Osella Quiz


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The Osella Quiz

For those with long enough memories Osella were the HRT of their day and were in F1 from 1980 to 1990. So here are a few quiz questions Osella related.

1. Who was Osella’s first F1 driver?

Eddie Cheever

2. Who scored Osella’s first points in F1?

Jean Pierre Jarier came 4th at the FOCA boycotted San Marino GP of 1982

3. Apart from being Italian Osella had one other thing in common with Ferrari. What is it?

The team founder is also called Enzo

4. One Osella driver went on to drive for Ferrari. Can you name him?

Nicola Larini

5. Olivier Grouillard scored Osella’s best qualifying performance of 8th at the US GP in 1990. Who was 2nd on the grid and in what car (1/2 point for each)?

Pier Luigi Martini in a Minardi (it rained in Saturday qualifying so the times from the Friday session stood)

6. The Osella name disappeared from F1 at the end of the 1990 season, what did they become?


7. In the turbo era who supplied Osella with engines?

Alfa Romeo – although in 1988 these were rebadged as Osella motors

8. Osella competed in 132 GP (entering 187), how many did they finish?

A “whopping” 38 (so less than a 29% finish rate) They were non-classified as finisher’s in 4 races so if you guessed 42 have half a point

9. In 1986 there were 16 Grand Prix, how many did Pierre Luigi Ghinzani complete?

Just 1 – coming 11th in Austria. He failed to qualify in Monaco and retired from the other 14

10. What was comical (in English at least) about the name of the Osella car in 1988?

For a team with such a poor reliability record they called the car the FA1L.
7 points! Can hardly believe it. Though if HRT last even one quarter as long as Osella they'll be doing well.
How can you not love a team who saw one chequered flag a season?

Bruno Senna doesn't know how lucky he is. Kids today etc. etc.
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