The Odd Man!


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I hate to use some type of numerology on F1, but has anyone noticed something about Kimi?

2001 - Hugely impressive debut season [Sauber-Petronas]
2002 - Quiet settling in year [McLaren-Mercedes]
2003 - Hugely consistent; fights for title [McLaren-Mercedes]
2004 - Nowhere near not only Ferrari but Renault & BAR too! [McLaren-Mercedes]
2005 - Title chase destroyed by Mercedes! [McLaren-Mercedes]
2006 - Distinct 3rd best car; Kimi no wins [McLaren-Mercedes]
2007 - World Champion [Ferrari]
2008 - Bouncing off walls in second half of season [Ferrari]

Does Kimi only drive well when the year is an odd number? Was it McLaren who cost him in the REDWASH years of 2002 & 2004? Why is a usually respectable member of this forum posting such tripe? This, and many more, questions are irrelevant to the discussion!

So can we expect odd-year Kimi to rip up the tracks next year?
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