The Nought out of Ten Quiz


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Similarly themed questions but hopefully a little more challenging than yesterdays quiz.

1. What are Lewis Hamilton’s middle names?

Carl Davidson

2. At the Canadian GP in 1980 Ferrari had trouble getting heat into their tyres, what was Michelin’s solution?

They cut grooves into the tyres

3. Ayrton Senna’s first F1 team was Toleman. What was the rather insulting nickname they gave their 1981 car?

The Belgrano, after the Argetinian battle ship sunk in the Falklands war

4. Alain Prost is French but what is his heritage?

He’s from Armenian descent

5. Which team did Mario Andretti drive his first full season with in F1?

The American Parnelli team

6. How much money did Michael Schumacher donate to the Asian Tsunami Appeal?

$10 million

7. How many times was Mika Hakkinen Finnish karting champion?


8. Where does the Ferrari Prancing horse logo come from?

It was used by Italian WW1 fighter pilot Francesco Barraca – ½ a point if you knew it was from an Italian fighter plane

9. What was Nelson Piquet jnr’s mothers name?


10. Vettel is the youngest driver to ever lead a Grand Prix. Which race and which year?

Japan 2007 – no half points
3.5 (Q1, Q4, Q10) and the half was on Q8 but am gutted with myself for not getting full answer as came up in an essay I wrote at Uni!
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