The New Dawn or just posturing?

Not sure if it's just more posturing from Bernie to force Max to step down :s

The u-turn from BE in the last few weeks has rivalled anything Gordon Brown has done lol
I couldn't post things like this on the 'other' site but I've had a sneaky hunch that Bernie has been behind certain recent events. What does he stand to gain from taking total control of F1? Would it be that significant in terms of money? It's not as if he's short of a bob or two and must have most of the money making channels in F1 covered already. Perhaps he really does genuinely want what's best for the sport. Perhaps he wants to broaden its appeal in order to generate more cash (likely). The FIA have shown themselves to be fools, and Bernie is capitalising on it.
Sorry for the delay in replying to this Rufus...

It seems to have died down again. However, I suspect that it will be on the agenda again in the coming weeks if the Concorde agreement doesn't 'work out'.
this does not make any sense. here we have formula one, an established world class sports event and just to pee off max someone wants to start another serie.

right, how long would it take for that serie to be set up, and how long would it take for this serie to come even close to what formula one is today? cos i think by that time we all be dead and gone already. let alone max will by then already be gone from the FIA for eons. and another question: BE is pretty well off, all cos of formula one. now why would he destroy the source of his own wealth?

so either its nonsense or its about something else.
Having read the article, and the above comments, a number of things occur to me...
1. Yes I think Bernie has got the bottle, and perhaps it is exerting pressure on Max to leave, and save him (BE) the trouble of setting up a new series..BUT perhaps BE feels he has nothing to lose and everything to gain.
2. Re Bogas comments above.. perhaps it is NOT intended just to pee off Max.. Re the effort required, surely Bernie is better placed than anyone else to declare UDI ??? He hold the contracts with the circuits, the media, and if he gets the teams behind him, then one assumes the drivers and sponsors will be happy..
3.. The circuits, and presumably all contracts are in place for 2009.. The FIA is only the governing body, and therefore cannot presumably affect the contracts inplace..

My only query is whether there is any LEGAL requirement for F1 to be part of the FIA?? does anyone here have the answer to that?? Is there, for example, a contract invloved? I suspect not, as the German Motoring Association obviously feels able to pull away from FIA activities.. surely it would be no different for F1 (or whatever it became) to do likewise??

Perhaps another problem might be tying in events at GP meetings, like the F2 race, for example?? Lots of questions.. are there answers?? HOPE SO !!!

the way i understand it. fia is the overall body of all national automobile related sports, plus per country you can have mor then one party. for instance you can have for france ralley, road racing and .

these national bodies organize races according to certain sets of rules set up by fia. one of these set of rules is called formula 1. so fia and their local representatives are the ones who organize the races according to fia standards, rules and example are the stewards who we all like to see replaced by professionals. right now the stewards are local people working for the national body which organizes the event.

so the answer to your question is, no. you cannot have f1 without the fia.

what you can have, is a series with the same specs as f1 organized by another body then fia.

what makes f1 a bit iffy, is that the commercial rights are in another place. when you think about it, on the one hand it makes sense cos a professional organisation will do a better job and get more interest and therefor money then the governing body itself could generate. another good example of this is the uefa champion league.

on the other hand you open up a can of worms cos where do the commercial interests stop? and thats the problem of f1 right now. a whopping big clash between sport and commerce. but thats in more sports actually. it seems like we're in a form of transition period trying to establish what is what again and there is no telling yet which way it'll all go. take the uk premier league for instance, dripping with money cos of all kinds of commercial acivities (sponsors, tv rights) but they are also struggling like f1 is. they also have a money issue (wealthy teams versus less wealthy teams) and they also have an issue with the sporting side of the matter.

and if you would have a breakaway series, then the chances are huge it'll be purely driven by money. do we really want that? i mean, we might end up with a safety car every time there's acommercial break!

it'll be interesting to see how it all will pan out.
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