The Mid-Season Break

That is the way myself & Brogan did it. And welcome to the site, have a complimentary moustache. :moustache:

I don't think the rules of Countdown have changed...
Excellent, a hat and 2 moustaches. All I need now is springy eye glasses. :D Somehow managed to miss that other thread. Is post-race countdown to become a regular thing? There are certainly enough stats (maybe enough for a letters game!)

Post-race countdown - it's like normal countdown, only it's played after F1 races.
It very well could do based upon the actual response that this one has recieved. Watch this space... (Or actually the space in the Fun & Games thread)

No springy glasses but you can have a cigar.
I think you should start another here since you won chreden...

Welcome to CTA.

Looks like you have enough moustaches, shmoke und a pancake?

Edit, looks like i FAIL again. ^^ he beat me too it :disappointed:
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