The last great invention from Lotus?


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While thumbing threw some old copies of Formula one news I stumbled across an article from the 94 season that covered a bizarre little invention from the chaps at Lotus.

Johnny Herberts helmet was fitted with a "Heads Up display" by the use of a small projector inside. The projector was sited just below his right eye within the helmet and beamed information such as speed and revs onto the inside of the helmet visor. It was thought that it would save the driver having to look down to read the information off of gauges and therefore save a tenth or two each time he looked away from the track.

Obviously this system was soon surpassed by putting all the information on the steering wheel and using lights etc.

Just goes to show some of the strange places that teams would look to claw back a few tenths. Unfortunatly Lotus needed to claw back a few seconds with their 94 car. >:(


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