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With an Australian competing at the Championship sharp end, now is a good time to consider the greatest Aussie of them all, Sir Jack Brabham, and his record in Formula One.

1. Jack Brabham scored his first points at the 1958 Monaco Grand Prix (where a certain other future principal of the Brabham team DNQed!) for 4th place. How many points would he have scored prior to this by the 2010 system?

For 2 7ths and a 6th position that gives 2×4=8+6=14 points. (½ points for ±1 point)

2. Brabham finished in the Championship top 2 four times in 1959, 1960, 1966 and 1967, of which he only lost the title in 1967. In which other year did he win a race?

1970 at the South African GP at Kyalami

3. Brabham only finished in the Championship top 5 on five occasions. His worst year whilst actually scoring points was 1968. Where did he finish in the Championship?

23rd equal with Switzerland's Silvio Moser.

4. In 1960, Brabham won the Portugese GP in Porto. Who is the only other driver to win in Porto, in 1958?

Stirling Moss

5. Brabham (the team) never won the Constructors' Championship without Jack himself driving. Who was Nelson Piquet's team-mate in 1983 when they won the Drivers' Championship having finished 3rd in the WCC?

He accompanied Riccardo Patrese, who finished 9th in the Championship despite winning the South African GP

6. Brabham had 20 team-mates in the Championship. Who was his team-mate most often?

Dan Gurney, narrowly edging out Bruce McLaren and Denny Hulme

7. How did Jack do for his own team in the sole race his former team-mate Bruce McLaren won for his own team?

1968 Belgium - retirement. On lap 6.

8. Two sons, David and Gary, both made Formula One. Who had the better best result?

David finished 10th for Simtek in Spain in 1994, Gary never pre-qualified for Life in 1990.

9. Which future team-owner scored Brabham's worst grid start of 28th at the 1974 Belgian Grand Prix?

Gerard Larrousse

10. Jack appeared in 5 Brabham one-twos. In four he was accompanied by Denny Hulme. Who led Jack home in the 1969 Canadian GP to secure his other driver-boss/driver one-two?

Jacky Ickx

I apologise to Alan Jones...
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