The It's The End of the World as We Know It Quiz


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So, are we but 13 (or 12) (or 11) days from the extinction of humankind? My prediction is "no", however that doesn't mean I'm not about to write a Formula One quiz about it...

1. Y2K was a huge end-of-the-world industry. What was Michael Schumacher's position on the all-time winners chart after the 1999 season?

3rd, with 35 victories behind only Senna and Prost

2. The most experienced driver in the field was Jean Alesi with 167 Grands Prix to his name. How many drivers of the 2012 field have started more than 167 Grand Prix?

6. Michael Schumacher (307), Jenson Button (228), Fernando Alonso (197), Mark Webber (196), Kimi Raikkonen (176) and Felipe Massa (172).

3. The 23rd December this year is the 50th birthday of which former Jordan, Pacific, Venturi, Coloni and Onyx driver?

Bertrand Gachot

4. A Nostradamus retcon claims Gangnam Style by Psy heralds the end of the world. When Psy threw the chequered flag at the Korean GP, how many drivers were on the lead lap?

15, half point 14-16

5. It was April 1991 when David Icke appeared on Wogan to become a national laughing stock. But which driver scored his only podium in F1 in Imola?

JJ Lehto for Scuderia Italia (unsurprisingly a full lap down on the McLarens)

6. Another favourite conspiracy theory is the shooting of JFK. Which driver scored his only points in Dallas?

Piercarlo Ghinzani in 1984

7. Talking of conspiracies, RasputinLives, how many laps did Heinz-Harald Frentzen lead in Formula One.

(a) 50 (b) 100 (c) 150 (d) 200 (e) 250 (f) 300 (g) 350

(c) 150

8. The Mayans were a Central American civilisation, so how many podiums have been won by Mexicans?

10 - 7 by Pedro Rodriguez, 3 by Sergio Perez

9. "If they were such good prophets, how come they didn't see their conquest by the Spanish coming?"
Did Alonso or Perez finish higher in the Fastest Lap standings at Sepang in 2012?

Perez set a 1:41.021, Alonso a 1:41.680, meaning Perez' fastest was faster

10. The song which names this quiz got to number 39 in December 1991. In the all-time points ranking in December 1991, 39th place was shared between Richie Ginther and another North American on 107 points. The other man finished a best placed second in the Championship and scored 13 podiums. Who is he?

Gilles Villeneuve
I rarely embarrass myself by revealing my scores less than 60% but since I'm not alone in scoring a singular, meaningless, uno, eins, un, une, jeden, en, een, ... I will on this occasion confess to a lowly one.
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