The Former F1 Team Quiz


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1. In their 20 years of competing in F1 Ligier had 15 different Frenchmen drive for them - a point for each one you can name.

Jacques Laffite, Jean-Pierre Jarier, Patrick Depailler, Didier Pironi, Jean-Pierre Jabouille, Patrick Tambay, François Hesnault, Philippe Streiff, René Arnoux, Philippe Alliot, Olivier Grouillard, Érik Comas, Éric Bernard, Franck Lagorce, Olivier Panis

2. Pacific Racing first classified finish was at which Grand Prix? extra points if you can name the driver and the position

Brazil 1995 Andrea Montermini 9th

3. Which driver was set to take a race seat at Forti for the 1995 Pacific Grand Prix but was refused a superlicence?

Hideki Noda

4. Which was the only race to see and Andrea Moda car on the grid?

Monaco 1992

5. Larrousse's only podium came at the Japanese Grand Prix in 1990 - 1 point for the driver that acheived it and 1 point for the engine they were running.

Aguri Suzuki and a Lamborghini V12

6. Franz Hilmer purchased the assets of which former F1 team? Extra point for naming the other former F1 teams name used on Hilmer's unsuccesfuly application to enter F1 in 2010.

Super Aguri and Brabham

7. Simtek enter 21 Grand Prix's - how many different drivers did they enter? a point for each named.

7 = David Brabham, Roland Ratzenberger, Andrea Montermini, Jean-Marc Gounon, Domenico Schiattarella, Taki Inoue, Jos Verstappen

8. What engine did the Prost team run in 2001?

Acer V10 (I'll give you half a point if you said Ferrari as it was re-badge)

9. How many of the current grid have driven in a Grand Prix for Jordan? again an extra point for each one you can name.

6 = Michael Schumacher, Rubens Barrichello, Jarno Trulli, Nick Heidfeld, Timo Glock and Karthikeyan

10. Benetton's one and only Constructors world title came in 1995 but how many of the 17 races that season were won by a Benetton car?

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