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Who will take the second Toro Rosso seat for 2015?

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No passing through my dirty air please
So with Vettel leaving the A team, JEV being too old, Kvyat being promoted and the other seat being given to baby Max, we are left with one spare Toro Rosso seat. Its time for you Clip The Apex lot to put your money on who its going to be.

The odds on favourite is of course Carlos Sainz Jr who is the senior member of the Red Bull junior team. Sainz was soundly beaten by Kvyat in GP3 in 2013 but did bed himself in for the WSR series in the same year. 2014 he really stepped it up and the WSR championship never really looked in doubt even if he did limp over the line somewhat. Sainz is the obvious choice but if Red Bull fancied him why did they bypass him for Max? Sainz has said in the press that if he doesn't get selected for Toro Rosso his relationship 'will change'. Sounds like a threat almost.

Also in the Red Bull team is Alex Lynn who has been mighty impressive in GP3 this year. Lynn just needs 3 points from the next two races to clinch the title in a championship he has led from the very first session. Whilst he has sometimes looked a little shaky on the reverse grid races when he's in the pack but his tactics and his speed are not in doubt. Certainly a cheeky outsider.

The other Red Bull junior driver is Pierre Gasly who won the Eurocup in 2013 before moving up to the big boys in WSR. He was not on the pace of Sainz Jr but as he had nowhere near the same experience you wouldn't expect him too. Even though he didn't take a win in the series his consistancy meant he grabbed second in the championship. Red Bull are currently funding him to drive in GP2 for the last few races and the races in Russia showed him just about getting on terms with the top 10. He is young and has a lot of potential but he would be an outside bet.

Any other takers? Well Red Bull could pull another Max flanker and get someone from outside their programme. The main candidate? Well a story circulated last year that Kvyat's Toro Rosso seat was first offered to Vandorne who turned it down to stay in the Mclaren programne. Vandorne continues to be impressive so will they come knocking again?

I've inserted an 'other' option in case you have other ideas but, please, if you click it then let us know who you think.

Get those votes in now and make sure you earn those bragging points! This poll will self-destruct in 14 days.
I voted Lynn because he has impressed me in the GP3 this year. But really I hope it is Stoffel because every time I read his name I can't help but pronounce it Stoooofoulll. :)
Has Vergne definitely been told he has no seat? I still think he has a chance as young Max does need an experienced team mate to learn from.
I have no idea, their decisions appear to be from left-field for an outsider, although that is not to say they've not been successful.
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