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This week's quiz is the Ferrari Quiz in the Italian theme that I've been persuing in the last few quizzes. Ferrari have been in Formula One since the first season in 1950 and are the only team that can claim such an heritage. Enjoy the Quiz.

  1. Ferrari have only once been outside the top 6 of the World Constructors' Championship. Which year was it?

    1980, they finished 10th with only 8 points, 2 from World Champion Jody Scheckter and 6 from Gilles Villeneuve
  2. Ferrari have achieved 79 one-twos in Formula One, how many were achieved by Michael Schumacher with Rubens Barrichello?

    24 of the one-twos were from 2000-05
  3. What is the most common finishing position for a Ferrari?

    3rd, 210 times compared to 203 wins and 192 second places.
    2011 EDIT: Answer still stands (P3: 221, P1: 205)
  4. Michael Schumacher has led 3934 laps in a Ferrari. Who is the only other driver to reach quadruple figures?

    Niki Lauda, 1168 laps in the lead for Ferrari
  5. Schumacher scored 5.92 points per race for Ferrari. What was Felipe Massa's average point score at the end of 2009?

    (a) 2.73 (b)3.23 (c)3.73 (d)4.23 (e)4.73 (f)5.23

    e, Massa has nearly 5 ppr for the Scuderia.
  6. In Ferrari's first race in 1950 in Monaco, they had 2 cars to finish the race. Where did they finish?

    2nd and 4th through Alberto Ascari and Raymond Sommer. After a mass pile up which eliminated half the field on lap 1, Juan Manuel Fangio won a race where the top 6 finishers were on different laps.
  7. Ferrari have scored 17 wins at Monza (+1 as an engine supplier). How many were one-twos?

    8 - Ascari/Gonzalez 1951, Hill/Ginther 1960, Scarfiotti/Parks 1966, Scheckter/Villeneuve 1979, Berger/Alboreto 1988 (your moment of fame, Jean-Louis Schlesser), Schumacher/Irvine 1998 & Barrichello/Schumacher 2002 and 2004.
  8. Whilst Kimi Raikkonen & Felipe Massa have been Ferrari team-mates, who has won the most races?

    Massa leads 9-8, since Kimi's win at the 2009 Belgian GP cannot be counted due to Felipe's absence.
  9. Ferrari have supplied their own engines for every drive in their history but one. Which other engine supplier has supplied Ferrari in its history?

    In the 1950 Italian Grand Prix, Clemente Biondetti built a Ferrari-Jaguar. However mating a Big Cat and a Prancing Horse turned out to be foolish as his Jag engine failed on lap 17!
  10. What is odd about Ferrari's first 10 Drivers' Championship wins?

    They all came in years ending in different digits - 1961, 1952, 1953, 1964, 1975, 1956, 1977, 1958, 1979, 2000
Thankyou all, next week is an oddity quiz!
If I'm allowed a half point for Q6 then Big Me Up with 2½ points. I would also like to claim pseudo point for Q8 (isn't that an oil company :snigger: ) - once you have done the quiz you will understand why.

Great job, as ever, TBY - Thanks.
2 points for me. I actually don't feel too bad about that because I expected to do a lot worse in a Ferrari quiz. Could kick myself for not getting the second most laps lead for Ferrari though. Doh!!!
Great quiz TBY! :thumbsup:

My enthusiasm for this quiz does not bear any relationship to my score, by the way... :whistle:

My score is 4.5 !!! :1st:

OK, there might have been some guessing going on*, but I'm easy with it! :p

(For the record, my half point came in Q6, I got
position 4th
right). :)

* Points for Q3, Q5, Q7, Q8 & half point for Q6 were guesses... :embarrassed: Sneaks off to the newsagent to buy this weeks lottery tickets.
I'm going to be looking at the telemetry later to make sure no-one clicked on any of the buttons before attempting an answer

Anyone would think that my ridiculously high score is out of kilter with my normal poultry results this season! My score is all above board, old bean!

In racing parlance, I'm being accused of making a short cut when no-one's looking, or using a pit-board to cut the timing beam so my car makes it to the front of the grid! :o

Perish the thought that this sort of thing happens in modern day Formula1... LOL
TBY - Tried to send you a PM but it didn't work (Bro, any thoughts?). As to your question, yes that was why I claimed a pseudo point.
I wondered what answer to give, but I decided that a team-mate question requires both team-mates! (All I give away with that is that it is close!)
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