The site has had a makeover...


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...and it is bloody awful to use.

Whoever was responsible for the redesign should be shot.

The main menu still suffers from the same problem the old site had - move your mouse off the navigation item for a split second and the menu disappears again. Extremely frustrating!

As for all the silly animations... :rolleyes:
I wasn't quite sure about the practice and quali timetable so that's where I looked it up.For some reason they've removed it from the main page. I gave up trying to find them on there after about a minute.

Ridiculous stuff. Something so simple...

Call me old-fashioned but where I'm coming from the only reason for changing anything is to improve it. Not to make it even worse.
The only thing I used the web-site for was checking the time of sessions in my time zone and looking at historic race results, both of which appear to have been removed. Bah.
Yes, but nothing before 2014 as far as I can see. The old web-site had results from every single race in the history of F1.

EDIT: And if you look at last year's driver standings they don't even have an image of the Lotus, Marussia, Sauber or Caterham cars, it's just a generic grey car whilst the rest have actual images. That is amazingly sloppy...

EDIT2: Not to mention that for last years results they only have the race results, no qualifying or practice information. And even the points won by each driver at that race is blank for some races and filled in for others... The web-site is half finished at best.
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Well at least they've got a few months before the season starts..... Oh wait.

I wonder if it's the same company that Manor are using to rebuild their engine management software?
Bloody irritating that the timetable has disappeared from the home page. Fortunately it looks as if the FIA website hasn't had a similar "makeover", all the classifications and session reports are on there.

There's a timezone-adjustable timetable at, which I don't think counts as one of your limited views (absurd).
At first glance, I thought the title was "F1 sitcom has had a makeover".LOL

Not totally inappropriate, now that I think about it.
Having only just come across this thread I tried the live timing on that link Greenlantern101, it is for Australia. The results go up to Bahrain, the results for Korea (yes, it is listed) and Spain are missing.

The message on the main site is still saying that it will be possible to pay to get the extras on a laptop (and a desktop) sometime in the future. If they do it I will try it, at the moment the live timing is poor, it does seem odd that there is a chance that people will pay but cannot because the site is not set up for it. Mr Ecclestone would be very angry if only he could find his way to the relevant pages.:oops:
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