The Evolution of the Clip the Apex International Circuit


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Straight away, can I apologise to all of those I missed off. It couldn't be everyone.

Three years ago, a man had a dream. To build a forum race circuit. And Brogan's dream came true. He was lumbered with a free section, but it looked something like this:


There had to be substantial changes to meet the closure of 606. The Evil Whippet and slyboogy corners were added at the start of the lap, substantially re-profiling the TBY hairpin. The jez101 corner was added in a statistical zone before the Galahad straight. The Keke section was followed by a Fenderman (likes this) hairpin before the Ray carousel. In came the Ninja curve and it is rumoured John Button has widdled on the Road of Bones section. The AXLE TRAMP tyre chicane was added, and the FB corner was again reprofiled. The lap now ends with the Cookinflatsix and Quintessentially corners.
CTA V.webp

I'm imagining that the "Road of Bones" section features a steep climb through the first corner, before reaching a dizzying plateau, then a terrifying downhill swoop onto the straight. The outside of the circuit will feature Hinkelsteins, lightly encrusted with sponges...

Not sure that's particularly safe, but we'll go for it!
I'm looking forward to inclusion, what are the criteria?
Ye God's! I'm sure this is just an oversight on TBY's part. Seems to me that if have been honoured with a hairpin of my own then thou art deserved of your fair portion ... of track, that is.:D

Edit: TBY, sharp as ever. Good man!:thumbsup:
I would like a corner named "the apostrophe", it needs to be complex and tricky - with few masters. It should also be difficult to explain to others, many of whom should ignore any advice and decide to make it up as they go along.
Maybe the big loop before the FF1 section?
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