The end of Valencia?


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I don't mind Mexico - they have a history with the sport, a large fan base and have one driver with another as a reserve so I wouldn't object to them getting their Grand Prix back.

its your Bahrain's, Abu Dhabi's, Quebec's and Iran's I object too.


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The BRICS nations are Brazil, Russia, India, China and ????
South Africa
F1 goes where the money is.


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Yup Mexico City was a fine track, I only have vague memories of it as I wuz young at the time. I would rather it went to somewhere the national dictatorship don't shoot their fellow countrymen.

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This is great news if this was going to happen, all we need now is this to happen at the circuit de catalunya aswell and we'll have the two worst tracks of the year off the F1 calender.


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I was willing to give Valencia the benefit of the doubt with DRS introduced this season. But TBH i aren't sorry to see the back of it, i feel asleep after 20 laps of watching it!
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