The Dead Rubber Quiz


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In many seasons the title has been decided before the last race. So what of the forgotten, irrelevant, end of season dust ups? Who will remember them? It is time for you all to stand up and say "I WILL"!

1. The first ever dead rubber was at Zandvoort in 1952. Ferrari's Alberto Ascari won every time he entered in that season, but how high did the first non-Ferrari finish?

4th (Mike Hawthorn for Cooper-Bristol)

2. After Jim Clark won the Championship at the 1963 Italian GP, there were 3 races left. Which driver other than Jim won one?

Graham Hill

3. The Australian GP held a dead rubber at Adelaide every year from 1987-93 inclusive. Name the 5 winners for 1/5 of a point each.

G. Berger (1987, 92)
A. Prost (1988)
T. Boutsen (1989)
N. Piquet (1990)
A. Senna (1991, 93)

4. Michael Schumacher scored 48 points in 6 races after winning the title at the 2002 French GP. How many did Rubens Barrichello score in this time.

45 (range 41-47 scores half point)

5. Who finished less than a second behind Schumacher at the dead rubber 2000 Malaysian GP?

David Coulthard

6. One of the most famous dead rubbers was the 2005 Japanese GP with Raikkonen winning on the last lap and Alonso passing Schumacher at 130R. But who was disqualified for dangerous driving?

Home-town pillock Taku Sato

7. Which two tragic drivers had a crash that proved fatal to spectators standing in prohibited areas at the 1977 Japanese Grand Prix?

R. Peterson and G. Villeneuve

8. When Jim Clark won the Championship in 1965, he scored no points in the 3 subsequent races. Who won the 'Championship' for those three races?

Dan Gurney with 16 points from 3 podia

9. This is the result for a dead rubber; name the year!

1. #11 C. Reutemann  Ferrari
2. #27 A. Jones Williams
3. #20 J. Scheckter Wolf
4. #15 J. Jabouille Renault
5. #14 E. Fittipaldi Copersucar
6. # 8 P. Tambay McLaren

10. Who finished 5th behind the Red Bulls and Brawns at the 2009 Abu Dhabi ["Abberdabi" J. Legard] Grand Prix?

Nick Heidfeld
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