The Cosworth Battle

Which team will finish higher in the WCC?

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Not my cup of cake
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Assuming all the Cosworth powered teams make the grid I thought it might be interesting, before the cars have all been tested, to see which team we all think will finish higher in the constructors championship. Who knows, if it's a popular poll I might run one for the other engines on the grid :goodday:
It would require quite a stupendous effort and an inordinate amount of good fortune for one of the new fish to beat Williams.

With no disrespect to Williams, I think they should be excluded on the grounds that they sacked both Nigel Mansell and Damon Hill after their respective World Championships, therefore robbing the UK of two multiple World Champions.

Lotus should theoretically be the best of the new gang of four, however the virgin Virgin looks exceedingly aestherically pleasing...
It's got to be Williams hasn't it.

They'll be way ahead of the others when it comes to integrating the engine in to the chassis also they will have a significant advantage in race craft and race weekend management which the others are going to have to develop over the course of the season.
Williams has all of the advantages-expeirenced design team and team management, better drivers and, one would assume, more composure under pressure. If they are beaten by any of the other Cosworth teams, a SERIOUS shake-up will be in order.
I have to agree with everyone else and go for Williams.

As has already been mentioned, they've been in F1 for a long time and are well used to changing engine suppliers.
Plus they've used Cosworth in the past so will have reams of data to work with already.
Unsurprisingly, I'm voting for Williams aswell. Although, after looking at the pics of the new Virgin*, I was can see where Muddytalker is coming from...

GeoffP said:
When I read this post, I had the voice of General Melchett, from Blackadder Goes Forth, in my mind. :D

* Hmmm. New Virgin. Isn't the word 'new' a redundant word? :s
Surely Virgin/Lotus/Campos/USF1 need one vote! There's something so right about "Lotus Cosworth" so long as there's not a Malaysian flag near it...
Williams have got to be odds on to win the Cosworth Battle due to their experience in F1. It will also be interesting to see how much of an advantage they will be able to gain with their KERS system (it will win them a few midfield battles me thinks!).

The Virgin does look nice and fast and it will be interesting to see how much progress they can make. However, the herd mentality is just so strong...
Boyle99 said:
It will also be interesting to see how much of an advantage they will be able to gain with their KERS system
Are Williams still running KERS despite the FOTA agreement not to?
Brogan said:
Are Williams still running KERS despite the FOTA agreement not to?

So far as I know, Williams have not taken a pledge to not use KERS this season. But I have been wrong before. Could someone please be bothered to check :D
I was recently assured they had now fallen into line.

However they invested a lot of time and money in their system and are probably very upset by the present agreement.

And there is this:

After that, Williams was invited to re-enter the FOTA alliance.

"We were conscious that one of the conditions was that KERS is not permitted in 2010," the Briton said. "We expressed that we think it is the wrong decision, but accept the rules of the club."
Wiliams have this on the side of their car which is either a bit of publicity to try and get some interest in their technology or a straight wind-up to the other teams.

As to the question, it's difficult to see past Williams in this battle but they have been in a serious Tyrrell like decline for a number of years now. I think they will win the Cosworth battle this year but by seasons end could well be behind Virgin and ProtonLotus.


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Let's face it, with expectations riding so high there's no "slightly" wrong for Williams. It either goes right, or very very wrong
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