The Clip the Apex Quiz Championship 2/10


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So here it is. The Clip the Apex Quiz Championship March 2010. No buttons here, you must PM your answers to teabagyokel to recieve a mark. A different format, with some optional questions, too. Good luck all!

1. When and where was the last F1 race without a previous Champion in the field?

2. In the 1954 British Grand Prix, 7 drivers shared a Fastest Lap point, gaining 0.14 each. All but three scored additional points. Jean Behra's 0.14 was his only point of the season! For one point, name one of the two other drivers to score 0.14 points.

3. Lotus' first race was in Monaco in 1958. Who drove the car alongside Cliff Allison?

For Questions 4&5 you must answer both red, both blue or both green questions

4. Which of Alfa's 3 'F's (Farina, Faglioli, Fangio) survived a pile up at the 1950 Monaco Grand Prix?

5. Name two of the podium finishers for the 2005 Monaco Grand Prix

4. How many points did Mario Andretti gain in the 2 races after Ronnie Peterson's death in 1978

5. How many laps did the best Jaguar at their debut in Australia in 2000 last?

4. Name a driver who led a lap at the 1982 Monaco Grand Prix.

5. Who retired a lap from the end of the 1964 Mexican Grand Prix.

6. For a point, name the winners of three of the following six Grand Prix (tell me which)

a. Switzerland 1951
b. Netherlands 1960
c. Germany 1963
d. Austria 1976
e. Spain 1994
f. Hungary 2006

7. How many points had Gilles Villeneuve scored before his death in the 1982 season?

8. In what position did Ricardo Zonta qualify for the 2005 US Grand Prix?

9. Name the winner of one of these numbered World Championship races

a. 150th
b. 400th
c. 700th
d. 815th

10. Where was Wolfgang von Trips' only Grand Prix pole?

Send all entries by PM to teabagyokel. Deadline is 26th February. Marks will be posted where appropriate.
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Brogan said:
Can I just ask, why is this quiz PM answers only?

Don't you trust us? :D

I'm picking up on a suggestion that was made last year by cat, for an official championship of Quizziness, around the time he wrote the German Quiz. If it is an official championship, it would be easy for someone unscrupulous to say "10" and claim the prize.

I trust most of the people who regularly post to post their correct zeros... (lol) but with 200 members and open entry, you can't trust everyone.

Don't see your entry in my inbox anyway, Brogan!
cider_and_toast said:
C'mon guys. Get your answers in. I can't be the only one to take the TBY Challenge surely?

After initially misreading the instructions, I eventually pm'd TBY with the correct format of answers and I somehow got one right! :o

Wooden spoon, here we come! :victory:
I can't believe you and GM scored less than I did to be honest. I know you guys knowledge of F1 is far greater than mine.

I had to make educated guesses to a couple of the answers. I miss-read one question. I know I've got a couple way off as well. I know I got both the blue questions right and the Lotus question was always going to be a winner.

I guess it's one of those things, you eitehr know the answer or you don't. Zonta's qually position for example :dunno: not a clue.
Only teasing CaT - it's like when you watch a quiz show on TV and you know the answer to an "easy" question and the contestant doesn't; it's only easy if you know the answer!
Yes chap.

Apologies that I didn't enter but I really am up to my eyes in plastering/decorating/DIY and have little or no time for anything else.
Great Quiz TBY.

:1st: Thanks to several Lotus related questions I think that helped.

Also knowing that Taffy VT's only pole came at Monza was a bonus. :thumbsup:

Looking forward to the next one.

Come on every one else, it takes a fair bit of time and brain power to stick these quiz's together so do TBY a favour and put an entry in next time.

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