Don't think there is a thread for the BRDC.

Today Derek Warwick has been announced as the successor to Damon Hill in the role of president for the BRDC.

Derek has 162 (147 starts) GPs under his belt, as well as spells in touring cars, sports cars and LeMans.

Hopefully he will continue (what i consider to be) the great work Damon started.
Well done Derek.

I could be wrong, but I think he has experience of running his own business (or his family's) and I suppose that will stand him in good stead too. As far as Silverstone is concerned, now they've got the new pits and paddock, the next phase has to be to improve facilities for the average fan, and realise the other income-generating opportunities on the site.
Quite surprised to hear this really.

I expected Damon to stay for a few more years at least to see the fruits of his labour so to speak.
Where is Damon moving on to?
I'm glad to see the BRDC seems to be doing better, my grandfather was a life member and we received a wreath and a very kind note from Sir Jackie Stewart for his funeral on his passing. I remember well having "Gold Pass" access to the Silverstone pits on practice day and being gently but firmly pushed out of the Renault garage where I was apparently taking far too much interest in an engine they had on a gurney waiting, one assumes, to be installed. I had a great photo of a Sinclair C5 painted up in JPS Lotus colours with the name "Ayrton" on it, long lost in the world of non-digital photos somewhere. I think my grandfather's times in the BRDC club chatting with old friends were some of his happiest.
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