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With Rio 2016 announced recently and F1 heading to Interlagos on Sunday, what better time to ask a Brazilian GP quiz?

  1. Out of the 36 Grand Prix in Brazil, how many have been won by South Americans?

    Reutemann (Arg, 3), Fittipaldi (Br, 2), Piquet (Br, 2), Senna (Br, 2), Montoya (Co, 2), Massa (Br, 2), Pace (Br, 1) making 14
  2. Brazil has seen the World Championship decider for the last 4 years. How many Champions won those races?

    Just the 1, Raikkonen in 2007. Alonso never won at Interlagos and Hamilton apparently came fifth!
  3. Ayrton Senna's final win at home in 1993 was also special for some other driver. Who scored their only Championship point in the race

    The legend that is Alex Zanardi
  4. Whilst most Brazilian drivers gain success at home, Rubens Barrichello has only four points finishes including a single podium in 2004. How many consecutive retirements did Rubinho suffer at Interlagos?

    9 from 1995 to 2003, with the heartbreaking retirement from the lead out of fuel! Only twice did he collide or spin out!
  5. The first Brazilian GP at Jarcepagua was run in 1978. Who surprisingly got into second behind Carlos Reutemann?

    Emerson Fittipaldi recorded Copersucar's only podium of the decade. In the previous race he'd finished 9th!
  6. In 1984 Patrick Tambay crossed the line third, retired and was classified fifth and sixth! How?

    Patrick Tambay was third when, 2 laps from the end, he retired through lack of fuel. He, as the first twice-lapped runner was classified sixth, which became 5th months later when Tyrell were thrown out and Martin Brundle's fifth place hence no longer counted!
  7. That 1984 race was also Ayrton Senna's d├ębut. Who was his Toleman team-mate?

    Venezuela's Johnny Cecotto
  8. In days of yore, Grand Prix were tested a year prior to commencement by a non-Championship race. Who won the 1972 non-Championship Brazilian GP?

    Serial Brazilian GP winner Carlos Reutemann (result not counted in Q1 answer)
  9. There are 7 Brazilian F1 drivers with 5-25 F1 points. Fill in the gaps:

    Nelsinho "deliberate crash" Piquet (19),
    Roberto "I qualified an Andrea Moda" Moreno (15)
    Cristiano "I led the 2003 British GP" da Matta (13)
    Christian "son of Wilson" Fittipaldi (12)
    Mauricio "Podium Rio 1989" Gugelmin (10)
    Pedro "loads-a-money" Diniz (10)
    and Antonio "Jungle Boy" Pizzonia (8)

  10. Who has led more laps in F1? Massa or Barrichello?

    Barrichello, 834 to 825
A lousy 2 1/4 points but I couldn't get the button to work on question 10.

In the answer to question five I don't want to be pedantic but:

Fittipaldi (copersucar) took 3 podiums between 1975 and 1982

Good quiz as always though. :thumbsup:
Firstly, the Q10 button works now, they don't like apostrophes fsr!

my source said that Copersucar were rechristened Fittipaldi Automotive in 1980. I'll change it
Ok so now I've got a still poor 3 and 1/4. LOL

As for the question in question.

I know they lost the sponsorship that year (1980) I think it was replaced with Skol. So yeah I guess thats true Copersucar did get one podium. Sorry.
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