Movies The Best film you've ever seen?


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Last night we watched a movie called "The Big Lift".

Although no great shakes as a movie, I will say that it was the first film I have ever seen (or even heard about) that dealt with the Berlin Airlift of 1948. It was a truly heroic undertaking which all too few people are aware of today.

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I watched "Before i go to sleep" recently, i thought it was a great film, simple idea, well shot and acted, and based on a well written script rather than special effects etc. Would thoroughly recommend.


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I watched the Brian Wilson biopic (Love and Mercy) on a long haul flight. Enjoyed the film apart from the casting of John Cusack as the aging Wilson. The lad who played the young Brian was very good and looked a bit like him but Cusack just bore no resemblance to Brian Wilson at all. It's a shame, I like John Cusack, but this seemed like a bit of a vanity project on his behalf


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Obviously being a critic and full of hatred for US foreign policy and whoever engages in it - hooyah! - I knew I would be irate watching American Sniper.

What a brilliant, poignant film.


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My favourite, just for a good feel factor, has got to be the original Blues Brothers. A completely stupid film with some great music and several funny car chases, what's not to like?


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Hamberg I avoided the film at the cinema because I am not really a fan of war films and the way they glorify what is actually an incredibly horrible situation for all involved. My wife put the film on the other day and I found it incredibly well presented, while not giving the viewer the full horror of what the people go through it didn't pull any punches with regards to the effects on the individuals, how they react and the fact that one person could find the good in any situation and inspire so many after going through that story.

The one scene that has stuck in my head is the one of him as a young kid after saving his brother from a beating and the lecture his Dad gave him, to paraphrase : "There are three types of people in the world. Sheep, Wolves and Sheep Dogs. Sheep cannot stand up for themselves, Wolves will always prey on the sheep and the sheep dog will protect all around them. We don't raise sheep in this family and if you ever become a wolf I will beat you". That one quote seemed to inspire his entire life and how he lived it whether at war or on his home soil.

I would recommend the film to anyone, and I challenge all to watch it properly and not have at least a lump in the throat at the end seeing the reaction that one man inspired in an entire country despite the horrible things he witnessed by trying to do what he felt to be the right thing for everyone around him.


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I thought Martian and The Man from U.N.C.L.E were two of the best films I seen in the cinema in 2015.

Not a fan of Matt Damon, and tend to avoid his films, but Martian was quite refreshing.

The Man from U.N.C.L.E was something different and had a good story.
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I fell asleep during The Martian which is upsetting cus it was such an great film!
I presume The Theory of Everything and Imitation Games have been stated somewhere, also Silver Linings Playbook!
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