The 30+ Numbers Quiz


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So the final Numbers Quiz is here...

Anyway, here are the questions

1. The highest number ever seen in a World Championship event was 208, driven by whom at the 1974 British Grand Prix?

Lella Lombardi for Brabham

2. The 1952 German Grand Prix was competed in exclusively by cars numbered over 100. Who won it?

Alberto Ascari in car 101.

3. 7 of the cars had a Veritas engine as that German company scored their highest F1 finish with Fritz Reiss. Where did Fritz finish?


4. Car ?32 is the most successful 30+ car with three wins for 3 at-some-time World Champions. Name them for a third of a point each!

J. M. Fangio (Monaco 1957)
J. Y. Stewart (Monza 1965)
E. Fittipaldi (Nivelles 1972)

5. Which team scored its last race start in car ?31 at Estoril in 1988, 3 years before folding?

Coloni, with Gabriele Tarquini

6. In the first race of 1989, with a huge number of entrants, what was the highest car number?

?41 (Joachim Winkelhock, AGS)

7. After Ronnie Peterson's death in 1978, his ?6 was not used till the end of the season, and the second Lotus 79 had ?55. Who drove it?

Jean-Pierre Jarier

8. At that year's Canadian GP, what number did the next incumbent of ?6 have?

?66, in Nelson Piquet (the good one)'s Brabham debut.

9. Giancarlo Baghetti is the only person to win his debut. He had car ?50. Who is the only other winner in car ?50.

J. M. Fangio (Monza, 1953)

10. Who is the only driver to win the Drivers' Championship in a car numbered higher than 30?

Alberto Ascari in 101, see Q2
I'm claiming 1 for Q7 even though the question & answer shows up when you click on the answer button for 6 it's the only one I would have know - honest.
Pretty pleased with 3 (Q5, Q7 and Q9).

Bit annoyed with myself for not getting Q10...but he didn't use that number for the whole season... ;)
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