The 1999 Quiz


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So today we're going to party like its 1999. Its a favourite season of mine, so lets see what you can remember of the craziness of the last year of the last century*.

1. Easy start. Mika Häkkinen won the Championship. Name the rest of the top 5 in the WDC for ¼ of a point each.

Edmund Irvine, Heinz-Harald Frentzen, David Coulthard and Michael Schumacher.

2. Which Grand Prix was held for the first time in the World Championship?

The Malaysian GP

3. Rubens Barrichello's dash to pole at the French GP was due to weather conditions. Which driver also gambled on the weather and started second?

Jean Alesi

4. Mika won the championship with 76 points, which was the lowest win of the 1991-2002 points system. Who was the second lowest World Champion with 81 points?

Jacques Villeneuve

5. Eddie Irvine did not start on pole all season [or in his career], but how many times did he start 2nd?

3 times

6. Who, other than Michael Schumacher, did Mika Salo replace for a stint?

Ricardo Zonta, at BAR after the former's crash in Brazil

7. Name the 6 points scorers at the chaotic European Grand Prix for ? of a point each (totalling 2?)

Johnny Herbert, Jarno Trulli, Rubens Barrichello, Ralf Schumacher, Mika Häkkinen and Marc Gene. I will kindly grant ? of a point to anyone who said Luca Badoer

8. a. Who scored no points for Williams in 1999?

Alex Zanardi :goodday:

8. b. Who was the last person to not score for Williams having raced for them at least once in a season?

Ayrton Senna, sadly, in 1994

*I know, pedants, but I don't care
My brain has failed me,

I got 1 plus 3 quarters and a third. I'll let you guys work that one out my brain is pickled enough!
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