Cricket Test cricket to control the weather.

Bill Boddy

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Following the recent match against Pakistan during which the inclement weather played a major part it will be fixed by having a half hour earlier the the next morning. This is to a large extent caused by the match having been terminated earlier than usual by bad light.

Following some discussion featuring things like pink balls being suggesting they seem to have settled on the earlier start as a panacea. The fact that it poured down for much of the duration of the game seems to have been forgotten,

This is England fellas, weather happens quite frequently over here, if you want matches which will never get held up by it then you need to play them in the Arabian countries ; but I bet that if you did cricket would somehow raise a light shower which would cause a stoppage.


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Artificial lighting is useless for sport.

Not only is it nowhere near as good as natural light, looking up into a floodlight while trying to catch a ball results in a ball in the face.

Still, that would improve any cricket match I've ever seen.
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