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Scientists in Australia have detected great clouds of hydrogen which have been excited by ultraviolet light into a state where it absorbed radiation at a radio frequency of 1.4 gigahertz. Due to the expansion of the universe the detection of the radio waves were actually discovered at 78 MHz.

This happened only(!) 118 million years after the Big Bang which is earlier than the first light could be seen at 560 million years after BB. It is suspected that early hydrogen atoms may have interacted with dark matter which has got scientists more excited than the hydrogen.

Signal detected from 'cosmic dawn'
The critical few words Bill Boddy are ...”it is suspected “. A long way from fact. But a new way to go to keep the terminally curious going for a few decades.

So if there is a Big Bang, surely that would produce intense light, so the period of dark may be because the Big Bang blinded everything and it was only a false dark period, though that may have been the case one would have to translate all that into MHz and GHz. Perhaps that is too simple or may be I've got it wrong 78MHz is an FM frequency and 1.4GHz is in the satellite transmission frequency range, did they get a picture that wasn't on Sky and a taxi firm using the 78MHz for a pick up? as Titch says "suspected" more like high tech suspicious:ermmm::rolleyes::shocked::whistle:LOL
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