Team Bosses' 2014 Top-Ten Drivers

It confuses me how Vettel is appearing in so many top 10 lists even though Ricciardo absolutely destroyed him this year.
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Disgraceful voting that Vettel and Massa are above Button this year based on the machinery they each have and how they fared against their teammate
It's very hard to judge him as he had a double whammy of a slow car and a slow teammate, but he did become the first driver to score points for any of the "new" teams. You could definitely justify putting him in the top 10 even if the season had ended before Japan.
I'd tend to agree with that. He did score points in a Marussia and it's all about drivers' performance relative to the quality of the machinery at their disposal.

Personally I regard both this and the drivers' drivers' top ten as the most relevant lists of the year. Both are heavily involved with engineers and they are better placed than anybody else to evaluate each car's performance, whether from racing with each or looking at data or any other way.

Doesn't detract from anyone's opinions but they are better placed informed when making their selection than any journalist or fan.
It confuses me how Vettel is appearing in so many top 10 lists even though Ricciardo absolutely destroyed him this year.

I think the overall conclusion on this one is that if you take a look at Seb's season without Danny in the picture then it wasn't too bad and if his team mate had been Mark Webber again it would be more apparent. Its just Ricciardo had an amazing year which makes Seb's year look pretty awful.

To be honest I'm surprised to see Rosberg in 5th. I have never and still don't rate him but he just had his best season ever and pushed Hamilton far more than anyone thought he would.

Also are they voting for Alonso out of tradition? He didn't have a bad year but it was not amazing by his own standards so surprised hebis so high.
RasputinLives I agree with your view on Rosberg because he has had the fastest car and lead the championship usually because Hamilton had some form of reliability issue

If we break it down then Rosberg was usually whooped on Sunday by Hamilton

The stats that when they both have started on the front row -he's not managed to beat Hamilton going wheel to wheel racing is telling
i) Monaco - he cheated
ii) Brazil - it would have been interested to see where Hamilton would have been without the off

and he never won 2 races in a row
I think if i am right thinking all the team bosses are doing is looking at the driver's positions in the championship to make their vote because the top 7 are the top 7 in drivers championship in the top 4 constructors !

I would not argue with the top 4 but 5 to 10 is debatable .


At one stage Alonso was on course for 4th in the championship ahead of both Bottas and Vettel who clearly have superior cars.

Against the backdrop of the internal rumblings at Ferrari and having absolutely annihiliated Raikkonen who was a liability rather than an asset to the team. You have to say that was a mighty performance and he nearly won in Hungary in a car that has no right to
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