Take care Seb.McLaren intend to take you out in Suzuka.


Sidecar racers have the biggest cojones
As far as I understand the points Seb Vettel needs just one more point to win the 2011 WDC.
Short of a DNF I think thats well within his capabilities.ROFL

http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/94857 McLaren is still holding out hope that it can delay Red Bull Racing's world championship party celebrations even longer, as Sebastian Vettel targets clinching his world championship title in Japan.
Vettel's triumph in the Singapore Grand Prix was not enough to secure him the crown, thanks to Jenson Button's second place finish.
And although it is highly unlikely that Button will win every remaining race, with Vettel outside of the points, as is required for Button to win the championship, McLaren team principal Martin Whitmarsh says he will take satisfaction in simply delaying Red Bull Racing's crowning moment.
I'm not sure how you extrapolated the thread title from the article content :dunno:

I don't read anything about McLaren deliberately aiming to "take Vettel out".
If all the drivers on the grid, for any race, I would put money on Webber causing a collision, the guy has been in several and doesn't mind to go for half hearted moves.
He'd have to get off the line close enough to Seb to be able to be a danger to him - in fact that goes for pretty much everyone on the grid!
Actually, he only needs to be ahead of Seb on the grid - pole if necessary and not unheard of. One scenario I have in mind is this.

Marko is on pole with Seb in grid slot three having been compromised in some way through no fault of his own in Quali 3. Marko makes his usual poor start and Seb is forced to attack on the inside - his other option having been blocked by a fast starting Alonso. Marko in his inimitable style gently closes the gap but Seb fails to back off and is squeezed into pit-lane in a shower of carbon fibre fragments and shredded tyre.

Impossible? Would not Hamilton have collected grass and armco at Singapore this weekend had he not backed off? Or could it be a repetition of the Koby/Ham Spa 2011 Shuffle with Marko trashed and Seb damaged just enough to be kept out of the points?

How can someone be so lucky or so good? Something dramatic is going to happen. It's Murphy's law, but it will be too late to alter the inevitable and I'm tempted to leave the room at the end of the next race as "the finder" rears its ugly tip yet again.:)
Even if Vettel DNF'd for all the remaining races chances are he would still win the title.

As for the reason for his DNF's you are forgetting the most likely cause.

Only 1 man on this years grid has had history of putting his car where it shouldn't be when a championship is on the line....

Michael Schumacher,

It is time for you to step up to the plate and once again take out that championship contender!
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