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Autosprint Magazine in Italy is reporting that Pat Symonds may act as a "consultant" to Williams despite agreeing with the FIA not to have a "direct operational role" in F1 until 2013. I think Williams need all the help they can get as they are a sad shadow of the team which dominated so much of the 80's and 90's but I can't help feeling a little uneasy that it is a little early for Symonds to have any involvement in F1 so soon after the disgrace of the Piquet crash incident.


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I was thinking about Williams earlier today.
They need to go back to the drawing board, have a rethink, a shake up and get some new blood in or they're going to find themselves drifting further to the back of the grid.

Pat Symonds though shouldn't be allowed anywhere near F1 for a good few years, if at all.

Bernie had Briatore as a special guest in Monaco last weekend though so when the ex owner of F1 and "head" of FOM snubs the FIA so blatantly, it doesn't really set a good example.

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I'm not sure what Pat Symonds can offer that Patrick Head can't. If Williams have a flaw, it's that they don't have the right people lower down in the company. Having Symonds as a consultant isn't likely to change that.


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Brogan said:
fat_jez said:
I'm not sure what Pat Symonds can offer that Patrick Head can't
Some "alternative" race winning tactics? :whistle:

I don't know, they excelled in getting safety cars out in street circuits with 3 instances with 2 cars!
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