Super Beaver Moon

Huh huh huh huh huhuuuuuhuuu huh "Beaver" LOL

You were lucky FB. Here it was just solid cloud. There is a slight chance that the cloud cover may break for tomorrow morning after 7 am and Friday evening.
I can't quite remember whether I saw it or not?... For some reason I am feeling extremely tired and the last 12 hours are a bit of a blur... All I know is that I' ve got this weird taste of raw meat in my gums, and I seem to have grown fangs from somewhere... I wonder whatever could it mean?
Nice father ted reference LOL


You can apply a Father Ted reference to pretty much everything, I find. :D

Honestly though I didn't really see what the big fuss was about. I like looking at the moon anyway. Just because it looked marginally bigger than most other other times doesn't exactly make you go Wooooa. And anyway whenever we get any kind of astronomical event it invariably gets spoiled by the weather have you all nticed?

There was however something I did notice yesterday walking along the harbour - and I guess most people living in coastal towns might have noticed - the tides was causing the sea to retreat very far indeed, and the fishing boats were on drier ground that I'd seen them for some time.
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