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No passing through my dirty air please
So after many years of (half joking) talking about wanting to fly a drone someone went and bought me one - turns out a pretty good one too. This being my week off I decided to finally assemble it and take it for a flight.

The drone in question is a Snaptain S5C 4-axis drone:


I did a quick search on the internet on good places to fly drones and found to my surprise massive restrictions on airspace and distance to residential properties. I didn't really understand this at first but, after a cheeky test in my back garden where I buzzed my next door neighbours upstairs windows by mistake, I begin to realise why.

So I decided to head out to Wollaton Park (the double for Wayne Manor in the batman movies no less) and really had a lot of fun with it and it's camera. Yes I crashed it a few times and nearly got it stuck in a tree but boy was it fun. I have various videos from my little day out but all too big to upload. My flying and photography skills need a lot of work but I did manage to get this one


Anyways - I wondered if we had any other drone pilots on CTA. If you're not and you've fancied it for a bit them go take the plunge. Lots of fun to fly and I've not been scowled at with disgust by that many little old ladies since I was in my teens.
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The trouble with drones is they are available to anyone. See above :D.
But seriously, we can all have one, the negatives are obvious, looking in someone’s bedroom window, annoying neighbours you don’t like. Inadvertently or deliberately causing chaos or death in the air. Who needs a gun when you have a drone.
Surely they should require a license.
As I stated in my op Titch there are restrictions on where you can fly them. Also if someone wants to take pictures through your bedroom window they don't need a drone to do it - just a good zoom lenses and a quality camera - which are also available to anyone.

It's very easy to demonise a bit of tech but whats the difference between it and a remote control helicopter? They've been available for years.
RasputinLives I was not demonising it, or you, I was pulling your leg. I’m sure you’re a very responsible drone owner. Sorry if I upset you..
But I was trying to make a point.
The point was / is, that it is very available, and cheap, it is high technology that can be used for a great deal more than innocent fun. It can be used as a weapon, so IMO I think if someone has one they should have a licence to own it.
You didn't upset me Titch - sorry if my post seemed a bit strong :friends:

I hear your opinion. You can actually get a drone licence (which you need to fly them professional like) which I'd be more than willing to get (make the CV stand out!) but it costs like 900 quid. Seeing that the drone costs 40 that is pretty stupid. It would be like paying 90,000 pound for a licence to drive a 4000 pound car.

As for it being used as a weapon. I wouldn't know where to start on using mine as a weapon. I could fly it at someone's head I suppose but it's only plastic so other than a bit of a bump I don't think it would do much good. It would be much easier to pick up my unlicensed knife ;)
Though remote control models have been available for years the drone is probably the cheapest and simplest to buy and fly along with the miniaturisation of high definition cameras, this joined with longer flight times and control range makes them more lethal as they have the capability of delivering chemical weapons or agents to selected targets very accurately. Get it right and Downing Street, Buck House and Parliament are easy targets with very little risk to the operator.
On the walk to our local Tesco (other supermarkets are available) there is a very large tree, inside said tree and quite near the top, is a red drone. It's probably a kids one but you can't tell for sure from a distance. It's been there at least a month probably since just after Christmas. I am guessing the owner of said drone isn't happy about it but clearly has no way of recovering it.
Well that's a sign of the times. Kids nowadays playing with electronic gadgetry but no idea of how to climb a tree.
When I was a child most of my time was spent outdoors risking my neck.
I use them for work. They've been incredible for survey work.

I don't own any myself, but friends have similar to what you have Rasputin. All different shapes and sizes for indoor or outdoor and also in 3D with the radio headset. Quite bizarre to fly with 3D goggles I can assure you because it completely knocks your balance. Thankfully most new ones have gps control so if you get disorientated you just let go of everything and it comes to a hover at a pre-programmed height a few meters in front of you. I think i'd owe some of my mates quite a bit of cash right now without that!
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