Str8poll: Massa in 2008

Q. Giving marks out of 10 , how would you rate Massa's performance in 2008?

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Heres the last of a small series of poll's regarding the performances of the top drivers so far this season.

And I've saved the best til last .. ! The current WDC leader!
Have you been impressed by Felipe Massa so far this year.. or have you been disappointed with his performances ?
Whats been his high point ... whats been the low point ?

Q. How would you rate Massa's performances in 2008?
I've given Massa 9/10 .
After a disasterous start to the season when he failed to finish the first 2 races :dizzy: , the pressure was really on , the critics were circling and Alonso's name was being mentioned yet again as a replacement. :unsure:
But Felipe bounced back , has won more races than anyone this year and leads the WDC ! :p

So on strenght of character alone, I've given him a 9 !
This has been the hardest poll so far this season.

I've given 6/10 due to poor performance in early races offset by brilliant comeback to outshine Kimi Icemonster
I've given Massa an 8.

I think Felipe's done really well after a shaky start to the season :) ... I really thought Ferrari might give him a free transfer after the first 2 races.

He seems to have found some consistancy now so should be a strong contender for the WDC. It will be interesting to see if team tactics come into play later in the year, lets hope not though.. this 4 way championship has been fantastic! a different WDC leader every week is keeping everyone on their toes. Bring on Silverstone, yipee lol
8 out of 10

Its a tough one really, had a dogdy start to the season, but has come back well, because of the start my vote could of ended up anywhere between 5 or 8 out of 10 but ive given him the benifit of the doubt there, Theres a case to say that really hes in the best car and should be further ahead of the BMWs and McLarens
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