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Q. Giving marks out of 10 , how would you rate Kimi's performance in 2008?

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Continuing with a small series of poll's regarding the performances of the top drivers so far this season.

Have you been impressed by Kimi so far this year.. or have you been disappointed with his performances ?
Whats been his high point ... whats been the low point ?
Do you care?

Q. How would you rate Kimi's performances in 2008?
As with Hamilton, I've given Kimi a 5 for his 2008 performance so far. Good back to back wins in Malaysia and Bahrain, but he's been largely disappointing in other races , most notably Australia and Monaco .

5 seems to be popular, which is what I also voted.

Bearing in mind he is supposed to be the No.1 driver at Ferrari and has what is generally considered to be the fastest car on the grid, 4th in the championship just isn't quite good enough for the current WDC.
Does anyone else think that Kimi is over-rated as a driver ? He can be the class act one week , but then he just tends to disappear on certain race weekends.

Kimi in a Ferrari should be an unbeatable combination.. but it hasnt quite worked out that way , has it ?
I think he just gets bored sometimes... :yawn:

Seriously, he doesn't seem to have the drive or determination that (most) other drivers have.
He has mentioned a few times that he plans to retire soon. How many other drivers of his age and with his success and opportunities would even consider that?

I get the impression that being an F1 driver is just a job to him and one at times that he doesn't particularly seem to enjoy.
Of course I could be reading him completely wrong but that's the feeling I get sometimes :s
Kimi 08

I'm not sure Raikkonen is bothered which is, of course, both a blessing and a curse...

I mean, not being bothered would have won Fernando Alonso or Lewis Hamilton the title last year...

But in his off races he stays off rather than striving to improve as you'd expect Alonso, Hamilton, Kubica, Massa or Schumacher to do (if Alonso isn't hitting something).

8/10 this year... Brilliant in Malaysia/Spain, plain awful in Australia/Monaco!
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