Spins, saves, recoveries and near misses

Would have been great had there been no Sutil in front of him. Considering how many drivers have crashed on those bumps.

My favorite of recent years. I was certain that it was going to end in the wall.

Another one of Rosberg's coolest spins.
Nice save from Fernando. Not sure about DC's "10/10ths" comment though, unless other drivers have a dial which goes to 11 (there's one for the kids!)
I think what he means, FB, is that he had no extra capacity. It took everything he had to drive the car fast and keep it on the black stuff. This, compared to other drivers who can do the same job without using the entirety of their mental focus, leaving them room to watch TV or think of other things as they are going round. It's that extra capacity that really distinguishes the best from the rest.
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