Sky vs BBC F1 Coverage

I did like Edwards/Coulthard as a commentary partnership this morning. I'm quite impressed.
But I still miss Brundle - I think he has the edge on DC and BE.

Shame the 'split' ever had to happen - but there we are and, at least we sometimes have an option.
BBC wins! I do feel Simon is getting better though, despite him being stale in Oz and Malaysia, I knew he would get better without watching the coverage. I did see Martin's gridwalk and how he blanked EJ on the way and then said hey to DC! EJ's grid walk I didn't see though but I saw Charlie leading him on! Also those jacket's were amazing, especially Jakes. I would like to see the viewing figures when they're out
BBC Wins the commentary war hands down. Ben Edwards is just simply superb at commentating and he brings DC out of his shell in the commentary box more i feel. These two really could be the BBC dream team commentary for many years. On the Sky side, i much prefer David Croft with Anthony Davidson in the commentary box than Brundle. Brundle and Croft don't suit each others style, Crofty is an excitable kid and Brundle is just annoying alongside him. Over the past few years i've started to dislike Brundle and my thoughts haven't changed.

I feel Sky will only get better with experience been a new channel and everything. But i find they lack a big character on the pundit side of it. Someone like Nigel Mansell would be better than unfortunatley a dull Damon Hill. I do feel the BBC's simple appoarch makes them an attractive alternative from Skys serious appoarch for those who really enjoy tuning in to watch the racing and haven't really got the knowledge to match Sky's. I do however like Jake Humphreys, I know alot of you find him a wally but you can't fault his passion for the sport and he really does go out and do his research. I just don't feel Simon Lazenby has that same passion as Jake. EJ and DC are a perfect combinations for Jake and all three seem like they've formed a friendship not only at the track but off it aswell.

However i shall watch races live on Sky, but when the BEEB is an option i feel i'm gonna give my view to them. I have nought really against Sky i just find the BBC coverage more to my liking.
Personally I still believe Sky hammers BBC into the ground, although I do wish they would get rid of Georgie Thompson :givemestrength:I also think Brundle and Croft work well together, it's a massive improvement on Brundle-legard which BBC had for 2 years and the in depth analysis offered by Sky is second to none, I think that the Beeb are just too 'matey' for my liking, I'd rather watch analysis and insight into the racing than go on about Jordan's shirts and Coulthard's jeans but that's just me.....
I don't have a choice which I watch but I'm perfectly happy with Ben/DC combination & was rather surprised to find I don't miss Brundle. I do miss Crofty/Ant on radio 5live for the practise sessions, oh heck let's face it, I just miss the practise sessions for 10 races!
I can't get used to seeing highlights of an event that's already happened, there's nowhere near the tense excitement of knowing something is live & the edited re-runs are an anti-climax (except perhaps some like Bahrain & Valencia where they'll be a blessed relief)
Gary Anderson is a great find for the BBC & it seems the F1 paddock like him too.
Jake,DC & Eddie have built up a real rappor, they're beginning to look like the F1 version of Top Gear :o
I watched the first half of the race (and all the build up and post race) on BBC, but Edwards really lost me and I switched to Sky from about half distance. I also watched the Sky highlights and it seems that BBC did a better job identifying the cause of Schumacher's problem than Sky did (for example), but Croft vs Edwards was not even a contest for me.

DC vs Brundle and Kravitz vs Anderson were drawn for me. Jake vs anyone would be a win for Jake in my book. You just have to look at the relationship he has around the paddock - everyone wants to talk to him and enjoy doing so. Lazenby only gets interviews because people's contracts say they should talk to him.
Lazenby only gets interviews because people's contracts say they should talk to him.
Which is exactly how it was for Jake "children's TV presenter" Humphrey when he first started.

I'm still not sure why people are expecting Sky who are in their third race to be able to match the BBC who are in their third season :dunno:

Having said that, Sky is a welcome breath of fresh air for me; no longer do I have to put up with Top Gear Style banality and childishness.
But Brogan you missed a brilliant piece where Jake, DC and EJ picked each other suites to the Sex in the City music yesterday. How we laughed at them picking over cheap material, that was probably made by slave labour, in order to carry on the joke about EJ's poor fashion sense. It was so good I almost decided to forget watching the race and just have that bit on repeat.
Sky did have an interview with Paul di Resta before qualie discussing his current living arrangements, sitting on a boat in Monaco harbour which made me reach for the FF button.

Interviewer "So Paul why do you like living in Monaco?"
PdR "Hoots mon, och nonny noo, I don't pay tax yer plum. Why else would I live here?" (or something like that, didn't understand much of it)

It was about as informative as ITV's visit to the house of the two Toro Rosso drivers living in Milton Keynes (ah, Milton Keynes, that's close to the Toro Rosso factory then isn't it ;)) or the BBC's incisive and cutting expose of the fact that Mark Webber has a dog and a very long garden.

Next week, we go shopping for underpants with Timo Glock...
Karun Chandhok is rather good on ESPN StarSport (I may have been away for too long, but he seems to do a good Welsh accent). Steve Slater is, well, a commentator.
Say what you like, but Martin Brundle is a commentary expert, I recorded the race on Sky (and it hasn't stopped recording!) and the start was just proof of his genius, how on earth did he spot Vettel's bad start?! He did later explain that his commentary box was right next to Vettel but why wouldn't he be watching Rosberg rocket away?! Ben and DC are very good but I prefer DC and Brundle to Brundle and other DC, which is why I hate this commentary split! Who do I go for?!
Didn't watch any of the BBC coverage but i can pretty much guess what happened. There was some sucking up to Red Bull,Coulthard unable to say Vettel properly, Eddie Jordans shirt had the mickey taken of it, Lee Mackenzie asking some inane question to Lewis Hamilton, and some sort of dig at Sky for showing F1.
Kettle (Ket-l) - Vettel (Ve-tel)?

I'm going with DC's pronunciation. And for all you out there who insist on saying Vettel with F, stop being so poncey. I never heard anyone saying Michael in the German pronunciation when Schumacher was creaming the field so don't start now.
And as the man says, no-one ever successfully pronounced Coult(h)ard correctly either.

I don't agree with the criticism of Coulthard as a commentator, I do enjoy his commentry, and I think he has picked up his reputation for being Red Bull biased by calling them excellent when, in fact, they were excellent.
The BBC are really desperate if they feel the need to interview random fans who big them up on TV :rolleyes:

Perhaps they can find one at every race...oh wait.
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