Singapore 2008 under investigation

Screwed out of 1 championship and asked to give up another, the absolute state of this is not only embarrassing for F1, but also to Felipe Massa. Maybe the bang on the head from the Brawn of Reubens Barrichello, had a bigger effect on Massa than first thought.
ive heard damon hill was talking to mick schumacher in the paddock. seeing if he could have his blessing to overturn 1994 LOL
The FIA is based in France, FOM is American owned by Liberty, so what is the point of a UK High Court action, yes FOM headquarters are in London but they only organise the calendar and a few money making subsidiaries, they don't have the power to change the results, only the FIA has that power, so the action should be in France to have any effect. The French Justice system is very different to the UK's, so all in all I can't see any positive outcome for Massa.
And this is also why the FIA don't recognise the Court of Arbitration for Sport They know they wouldn't have a leg to stand on if cases end up there.
If it was referred to the Court of Arbitration for Sport the FIA wouldn't attend, they would claim that Motor Sport is not in the courts remit being not based on wholly human activity, mechanical reliability, failure, I suspect horse racing could also claim the court doesn't apply to them either, too many variables
I'm not referring to the Massa case specifically but cases in general.

Take Bahrain 2021 for example. That wasn't to do with mechanical reliability.
Bahrain was an example of how not to run an F1 race the rules were clear and a higher authority in the FIA should have over ruled the race director, perhaps there should be a more senior FIA official on duty even by phone to decide spur of the moment local decisions being legal or not according to the rules, ambiguous as they may appear.
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