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Lots of threads have alluded to having a discussion about the current world champion so lets get it all off our collective chests (oooeer!)

Lots has been has been written about this young man from his testing debut with BMW Sauber in 2006 aged just 19 - he then progressed to the the toro rosso team for his first full race season in 2008 - the memorable race being his drive in the wet at Fuji where he managed to rear end his future team mate Mark Webber who said ""It's kids isn't it... kids with not enough experience – they do a good job and then they :censored: **** it all up." - Little was Mark to know he would be paired with the "Kid" just 2 years later.

His maiden win came at the 2008 Italian GP where he qualified up from, the race started under the safety car in the rain and the young German led from start to finish in the Toro Rosso - becoming the youngest winner of a grand prix ever.

Then we enter the era of the Red Bull. In 2009 he joined the Red Bull team, which got off to a torrid start as he managed to crash into Kubika in Australia, a feat he would go on to repeat during the 09 season.

Last year needs no mention........

So to the crux of the matter. Is Sebastian Vettel?

the real deal, the baby schumi, the new pretender - a genuine racer? - aka Wunderkind


A very quick driver, who lucked into a very fast car and can bang it on pole and lead from lights to flag and be the quickest pilot of a car, yet can't overtake for toffee? aka WunOrAother



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I wonder if anyone has asked Vettel "Are you No 2 at Ferrari?"

Now what are you going to do to prove you are No 1 at Aston Martin next year over the owner's son ?

The Artist.....

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I wonder if anyone at Ferrari is asking about whether they want to substitute another driver in the place of Vettel for the rest of the season...

Mick Schumacher?

It would be terrible for Schumacher’s career, unless he really hit the ground running...


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In this case I don't believe it's true.

Vettel is just slower than Leclerc and he's having a hard time accepting that.
that was the start of the feud. last yr in Bahrain when he wiped the floor with him maybe in the same way as Hamilton v Alonso in 2007. how dare this rookie / new guy have the nerve to beat me a multiple world champion.

but ive said before he not been signed for his talent next yr but his stature. but if he thinks theres pressure this yr. just wait til 2021 now thats pressure. because he has to be proof this yr was a blip


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While I have never been a big fan of Vettel, I have respected his speed in F1 in a car he likes.

I'm sure there are many people have seen this video, of Vettel defending from Hamilton in 2005 in F3, what I want to know is where is this Vettel now?



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finally got around to dedicating some time on listening to the sebastian vettel interview on beyond the grid, which i think is 1 of my favourites theyve done. because he is such a private person & he has been apart of many controversial moment in his career. these are some of the highlights of what he talked about

- on his time at ferrari. he says no regrets but i have failed because i wanted to win a world title at ferrari & off track there were things he shouldve seen earlier. he probally picked fights he werent worth picking in hindsight but that sport & how you learn. but there are reason but doesn't accept them as excuses & he wouldnt trade anything because all those mistakes have led him to who he is & he was maturing in the spot light

- he does mention germany 2018 as what many people tell him as the low point but he wouldnt do anything differently. as no regrets & he wouldn't go back just wants to move on

- Lawrence stroll convinced to him to come to racing point & there many boxes that were easy to tick. but mindset & its a fun project
vettel impulsive nature was always there from 2008. when hours after coming 6th in fuji 2008 he climbed mount fuji with tom Clarkson. got to the top & instead of waiting for safer way to come down he just skied off the top. much to franz tost horror when he found out

- fav car ferrari f40
- fav racing car f2004
- fav car he owns mansells 1992 fw14b red 5
- fav bike is motorcycle from 1928

- main passion is his kids. in his own words as boring as it sounds.

- but this summer he did enjoy mountain biking

- doesnt know for sure how many races he's won (51,52,53?) or poles but knows the championships he likes wins dont get him wrong. but its more about the journey not the victory that he cares about

- he doesn't have a favourite race as he never looked back on his career only his future

- Passing Button in 2012 Abu Dhabi GP for 3rd from pitlane. won him the world title as he thinks finishing 4th & Alonso wouldve been a 3x world champ a week later in Brazil
Abu Dhabi GP: Button was not expecting Vettel's 'brave' pass | F1 News | Autosport

- he never watched a full GP back. highlights rarely. as he was in it so whats the point

- he has been chatted to jody scheckter about his farming. & how he is fascinated in how things are grown in field to it being on your plate & joked he was very interested in jody's buffalo mozzarella & part of him cant wait to dive into the next project

- he's never struggled to get up in the morning & is as motivated as he ever has been

- his long term goal is happiness.

- running a team is a maybe. but then it could be definitely not as in future he could fall in love with something else

- because he's been at the top he wont ever do a kimi as racing for 16th just doesnt interest him

- if you went to his home, you wouldnt know he was an F1 driver, no pictures or trophies on display as its about the family not the man. but he kept alot of his memorabila from F1 including small gifts & drawing from fans. in a large room ("because it takes up alot of space") out of the way because i thought 1 day it will be nice to look back on & at some time not now he will be proud of his place in F1
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