SATO (nearly) wins Indy 500!


Too old to watch the Asian races live.
In complete contrast to Monaco, the Indy 500 was its usual multiple-passes-on-every-lap event. Takuma Sato nearly won, going for the pass on the final lap, touching wheels with ultimate winner Franchiti, and spinning into the wall. A shame, as he was doing great all afternoon and I would have loved for him to get the victory.
Takuma was in absolutely perfect position. I really thought he was going to take the win.

He had pulled the same exact move on Scott Dixon the previous lap and pulled away from him so I can understand why he attempted the move into turn 1. He had too good of a run and couldn't pass up the opportunity. It was Franchitti moving down the track that forced Sato onto the painted white line and eventually into the wall. I know I was definitely hoping for a new winner.
I imagine that many other F1 fans were in Sato's corner, and were hoping that he could pull off the pass on Franchitti, and take the win.
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