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It is with great humility and some degree of smug satisfaction that Rooters International News Peep's can accept the remarkable honour of opening a new forum on Clip The Apex.

Due to popular demand and a shed load of really creative peep's CTA are launching this wonderful new place for free expression and loose tongues. Our top hack, Fenderman, has been hunting down the contributors who will undoubtedly make this another unrivalled success for CTA.

McZiderRed said "It's a pleasure to be in collaboration with the luminaries of CTA. For example, I've been looking at Cheddar Gorge Racing for a while now. They are a strong cheese team, which goes best given a sturdy biscuit, er, base... I wouldn't mind driving for them! They don't serve Omelettes for breakfast, do they?"

Tracked down, hiding out in the penthouse suite of the Rixos Hotel, Tripoli, ace reporter Road of Bones, told us "Ron is intrigued by the idea, and has sent Martin out to gather suitable material. Sadly, the whereabouts of John Button are presently unclear, but you can bet he's primed and ready to widdle somewhere inconvenient..."

Meanwhile, we got news from our man Fab Bloke, near the FOM Bunker: The minions have learned of Clip the Apex's plan to create a sub-forum exclusively to mock their glorious leader, having visited the website yesterday on their Silver Haired Billionaires ZX Spectrum. Plans are being made for an appropriate response once they consulted their esteemed leader but they are currently busy preparing the visitors bedroom for Muammar Gaddafi.

Back in Blighty, Cider and Toast, cornered in a corner by our expert cornering hack, responding to our man's suggestion that CVR had been taken over by a Malaysian billionaire and renamed Cheddar Gorge Racing, said “Blimey, I'll have to get in touch with Cheddar Valley Racing and find out what happened to them.”

Fernando Alonso dijo, "Con de la noticias .... Lo siento. En Inglese, por favor” … “with the news coming in thick and fast, Brogan reports (from a shady house somewhere in the backstreets of Barcelona) that: Max Mosley said to the pros... “Hmm ..:thinking: ... another opportunity for a gag?” …. Then the line went down, apparently.

McZiderRed then confirmed our hack's fears about a CVR take over saying "Yes, you are right! This sounds familiar, almost a bit Lotus like. There is a tussle over the rights to the Cheddar Team name. The "Cheddar Gorge Racing" name is owned by the brother of someone or other and the "Cheddar Valley Racing" name is owned by the parent company. Maybe someone can explain further...? :unsure:."

... with anticipation building that there is so much more to come ....


Our man TeaBagYokel reports on a severe case of Montezemolo's Revenge. Following a post race party, in a bizarre incident, a team manager was decapitated accidentally by one Adrian 'Slip of the Wrist' Subtle. Practical joker, Luca Montezemotorola, is thought to have put the idea in Subtle's head, but he has denied any malice was intended. On hearing about the new CTA forum, Luca told TBY, "Comedy has always been an integral part of Scuderia Ferrari; hence why we continually employ Felipe, so we are excited by these new developments!"

Talking to ExtremeNinja, who said “Doh! I'm with Tickle anyway. Marbles or tickles for me now. Shall I be quiet and wait for the vote?” TBY sought clarification on the rumour that Grizzly has been heard muttering “Clip The Ulnar, Clip The Agency, This: From The Apex, News, Spoofs and Apex Mutterings, Calumniate The Apex, Clip The Terminological Inexactitude … “ into a button on his right cuff.

Hmm, thought TBY, "... is this why Gethinceri got a wee bit saucy with 'Clip's Unusual …' ... no I'm not going there!”

Meanwhile, Jenov enquired of McZ , “are you suggesting that my 'mad chair' is somehow synonymous with Plato's cave philosophy - if so, you are a genius; if not I fear for your sanity! This thread is our own little gem :).”

Finally, for now, on hearing of the launch of the new forum, Jos the Boss posed the question “How about Whats the weather with Jos?”. Did he feel the need to cement his position as CTA weatherman or was he just trying to write himself in? LOL If so, perhaps he has succeeded.

Welcome to Clip the Apex Presents...

BBC Writer's Room ... eat your heart out!:D

Rooters Creative (a dept. of Rooters - Proud as you like - News Group)8-)
McZideRed Scores Fenderman's
5000th "Like" Edition
McZ Thanks.jpg
Yup, in a remarkable turn of events Fenderman, well known for liking lot's of peep's posts, has found himself the proud possessor of 5,000 "Lihes" courtesy of his pal's on Clip. We caught up with Fenderman during one of his multi-polar moments.
He said "Awe, shucks. It's such an honour to have reached this milestone. I can only say many thanks to my mum, dad, brothers sister, my old headmaster, english lit' teacher, a whole load of other people, but especially to the folk's on Clip The Apex and in particular to McZiderRed who hit that 5,000th "like" scoring "like button". Cheers mate!"
Rad Booton, ROOTERS NEWS, Rooters Fictional News Agency (a division of Clip the Apex)

GeoffP Scores Fenderman's
6000th "Like" Edition
Yup, in yet another remarkable turn up, Fenderman has found himself the proud recipient of over 6,000 "Lihes" from his mates and matesses on Clip.

Fenderman said, when we caught up with his head-front persona, "Again I have been honoured with another reached milestone 'like'. This time it's thanks to GeoffP. As usual I can only say humungous thanks to my family and a heap of other people, but especially to the folk's on Clip The Apex. Thanks again GeoffP for that 6,000th "like". You're a pal!"

Rad Booton, ROOTERS NEWS, Rooters Fictional News Agency (a division of Clip the Apex)
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