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There most be some funny ones for this.


I'll kick you off with "Winner meets loser"
So taking a leaf out of your book, we've capped the speed of the cars, put most of the design staff on zero hours contracts, taken Button and Alonso out of Tax all together and secretly employed several Polish plumbers to re-design the ERS system
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Ron and Dave catch sight of Martin Whitmarsh shagging his blow up Jenson doll.
"If you could just have a chat with the staff , Prime Minister, and persuade them of the necessity to accept a pay freeze for a few years, we might be able to deliver a McLaren to you in a week or so."
DC - Mr Dennis I have created your own tax emption loop hole as agreed.
RD - Most gracious your excellency. Your most special automotive transportation capsule is coming along nicely, though there is a disatisfactory hindrance with one of the supplemental features requested.
DC - Not the Nullifier.
RD - Yes your excellency I am afraid the Nullifier is still creating to much splash back and ruining the high gloss black encapsulation.
DC - Well fix it, I need it ready for my next trip North.
RD - Yes your excellency, the we will of course redouble our efforts.
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