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I just realised I forgot about him when doing the World Cup groups quiz. And they're in a group with France and Australia. Which means there's loads of KMag questions!


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Anyways now Renault only have one other team to supply from next year then I would hope Team Enstone should be able to bridge the gap closer to the front


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As for K Mag at Renault his form tailed off towards the end of the season but maybe now he is maturing but will he get a top drive

Coming back to Renault .I just thought would Renault want Pier Gasly being French if Carlos Sainz was promoted to Red Bull or will they promote Jack Aitken?


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we need more competition but I dont see it because if red bull are struggling to be competive for the whole season, then they wont break the top 3 yet I think we stuck with that til 2021. but I think that might be the source of the anger in japan for Riccardio was that he has those engines next season


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the problem Renault have this season is they are the factory team and will always do parts for themselves but Red Bull insist they should be No 1 team given their past history in delivering championship and subsequently you're in a muddle whether the engine and parts should be suited to your own factory team or your lead customer

The parts Red Bull use are not always compatible with Renaults so why are people surprised that there have been a lot of reliability issues.

With Red Bull no longer their partner I suspect Renault will get stronger .. they always have got it right in the past and I don't see how they can get it wrong having scaled back on everything to focus on F1 solely


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Sorry but I don't believe a word of that. There is no way Renault have been building parts for their engine that would suit Red Bull better than themselves however much Red Bull ask them too. Not a cat in hells chance.


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RasputinLives That is what I mean Red Bull think they should have priority but Team Enstone will always get the parts made for them now Renault are putting all efforts behind F1. This is where Red Bull feel aggrieved but I don't think it helps if you publicly throw your engine partner under a bus
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