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After the success of 'Back to earth' made for Dave back in 2009 the old crew are back together for series 10 showing October 4th on Dave.

I can't wait. My favourite show from my teenage years.

Trailer below. YIPEEE. :cheer:

Back to earth was far too tongue in cheek for me. It wasn't the poorest bit of T.V. ever but it wasn't the best Red Dwarf ever. On the back of that I'm wondering what a new full series will be like. It could be great and I hope it is but we shall see. Oh and I haven't seen yet, is Holly played by Norman Lovett again? Him and Kryten were the best two in it for me.
'Back to Earth' wasn't the best red dwarf ever, but it was way better than series 7 and 8. I certainly would not class it as smeg.

It is probably too much to hope for but if series 10 can even get half way close to being as good as series 1-6 then I will be happy.
"Backwards" was my favourite episode. If the return creates even one episode that bears mentioning in the same breath as that one, it will be well worthwhile.
Red Dwarf lost the way in the last few BBC series, the whole part of the charm and entertainment was the low budget sillyness of the whole thing, but series 7 and 8 had some big budget spent on the sets and the comedy wore thin :(
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