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How succesful will Red Bull be in 2010?

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Following on from the Brawn 2010 thread I thought it worth asking the same questions about the other team which upset the Mclaren/Ferrari duopoloy in 2009, Red Bull.

Like Ross Brawn, Christian Horner is up beat about his teams chances for next season. They look to be retaining both current drivers; are they the best pair they could have chosen? They appear to be sticking with Renault engines; but these have not been as reliable as they could have been with 12 no-scores for the team in 2009 (not all down to the engine I should hasten to add). And, of course, they have a technical "Ace card" in Adrian Newey; but Newey has been known to go too far some times when building on a succesful car, think McLaren MP4-18 & 19.

So what chance Vettel or Webber to be drivers champion next season and the Red Bull Renault team winning the constructors title?
Unlike the Brawn, which started good and didn't get better, Red Bull showed they had the energy (please flag up any puns of this nature, they have no place in civilised society) to improve their car throughout the year, to the point that they defeated the various matadors to win the last 3 races.

So I think Red Bull will have the wings to keep up with the McMercs and whoever else is good at the start of 2010, where as Brawn will imo struggle.

If the title is a straight fight between Vettel and Hamilton; well, who knows what'll happen? Both have been known to make daft mistakes but both are excellent at best!

Next year's title contenders are:


and maybe RAIKKONEN , KUBICA :thumbsup: or perhaps even KOBAYASHI

Anyway, these are opinions of TBY, (the emoticons are attempts to represent the drivers) and I hope they'll be better than my BMW prediction of 12 months hence.
Pretty much echo all that TBY has said. I can't get past the fact that Brawn were a one trick pony who without the advantage of the double diffuser found the season tough going. Red Bull on the other hand managed to develop the entire package and finish the season on a high. I think they have a solid platform to go forward where as at Brawn there will be a lot of thinking going on about how to make another technical leap in design.

Vettel and Webber seem settled and work well together and there shouldn't be a problem between Button and Rosberg either. All four drivers can turn in the right results and rack up the points so from that side of things there isn't too much difference. I wouldn't be suprised if Rosberg out scores Button next season mainly because he will have much more hunger for the first race win.

As has been noted the only slight problem that RBR have is in the engine department. In having to take the title they are now going to have to outscore two Mercedes works teams and of course the Ferraris. That could prove to be the stumbling block.
Not much to add really, I agree with most of the comments made.

Red Bull seemed to have a stronger package overall and if it wasn't for the double diffuser would most likely be double champions now.

Of course we don't know how the rule changes are going to affect the cars for next year but overall I would say Red Bull have a better chance at the title than Brawn do.

If the Mercedes engine gets pegged back as was suggested by the FIA a few weeks ago then the Renault engine may not be so much of a disadvantage.
In fairness to Brawn, bolting that engine onto the back of an existing chassis was a huge compromise in terms of centre of gravity. However, the advantage that Red Bull has is that they are designing a car knowing about the advantages of the double diffuser and have a superb car designer and are coming of the back of what is basically the fastest car on the grid (McLaren and their Kers not withstanding). One presumes that Renault will be able to sort whatever reliability problems there were with the engine, as it did pretty much cost RB the WDC and WCC.
I dunno, I feel they got lucky with their interpretation of this years rules, as did Brawn, and managed to adapt their cars better than the rest with the introduction of the double diffuser.

I don't think they are going to be as lucky next year as most designs will have reached parity, I don't doubt they'll be there or thereabouts but you've got to seriously consider that Ferrari (who basically gave up after Hungary to concentrate on next year) and McLaren who consider next year's car to be just a better evolution with the one they finished this season with (brakes aside ;) will both again be serious contenders.

With no refuelling I suppose it's all down to how the new cars cope with their tyres.
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