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We had a question about F1 onesies in chat the other day and I thought we could share some really crap F1 merchandise. Here's a few to kick you off.

A Ferrari baby grow


A McLaren Honda wallet


A Force India note pad

Vijay Mallya: What are these doing here!!??
Office manager: They're notebooks boss, might be useful?
Vijay Mallya: I told you - never write anything down! Sell them on eBay immediately. You're fired!
I'm expecting in April and, whilst I'll happily buy my baby a furry hat that looks like a bear that they will probably wear once, I am in no way tempted to get then a team colours baby grow.


Unless there is a Minardi or Andre Mods one.
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Titch whilst my wife is carrying our child, I did have something to do with it hence I am expecting a baby. Is that the wrong phrasing?

We're off topic on F1 merch a bit here though.
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