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Anti-Vettel incendiary hysteria in full swing on the web has now reached conclusion, that what Ferrari needs is to replace Vettel back with Alonso (and all will be probably fine in Maranello). Well, who knows how that saga ends.


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The issue Vettel has is other than Mercedes there are no other suitable teams for him to go to even then its pretty clear Toto has set his sights on promoting Ocon into Mercedes for 3 years now

So Vettel is stuck with Ferrari and is under pressure to deliver from a non supporting management and got the up and coming Leclerc who could do to him what Hamilton did to Alonso at Mclaren in 2007

Eventually the politics at Ferrari will wear him down like it did with Prost and Alonso and it will end acrimoniously like they always do .

This could be the most critical 18 months of Vettel's career


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Sorry Ruslan I have to completely disagree with you on this one. It wasn't about the points at this stage it was about being in a position to beat and push your rival no matter how superior you think their car is. Sitting behind Verstappen was only going to let Hamilton get comfortable and cruise. If Vettel had got as near to him as possible as quickly as possible then it was always going to be an extra pressure on Hamilton. 9 times out of 10 it will come to nothing but you have to do what you can. It's the difference between real competitors and also rans.

I can in noway argue that the execution was correct but the tactical thinking was sound.
Well, it was sort of a damned if you do or damned if you don't situation. If Vettel had bidded his time and secured his safe 3rd place position, I am sure that some would say he needed to be more aggressive. the end it is just math to me....there was a low chance of getting second (which was only 3 points) and he already had 15 points secure. There was a higher chance of having an accident and losing up to all 15 points (as it is, he only lost 7). So.....for him to risk 15 points to gain 3...this really only works out if the odds of gaining the 3 points is several times higher than the odds of losing points. With Mad Max in front of him, I don't think that was the case.

But...more to the point, he should have waited until he had a cleaner and safer pass.


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Hi All. I would respectfully draw your attention to rule 2 in the CTA rules which reads as follows:

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Of course context, intent and implied meaning will have a bearing on how a term may be interpreted. If you have to question whether the term you want to use is acceptable, then the chances are it probably isn't.

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