Rugby RBS Six Nations 2013


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Six nations starts this weekend. That should keep me entertained until the start of the F1 season. Last 3 games on Saturday 16th of March, first race Sunday 17th. :yesss:

Hopefully Scotland can avoid the wooden spoon this year. I doubt it but I can only hope.
I think I might be Welsh for the next few weeks.

The Fixtures

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 11.09.15.png
The only game worth watching live is a Twickenham this weekend, not because it is always the best game, just for the atmosphere. If you have never been to that particular annual bunfight I would always recommend it, especially if as per our usual we end up sitting amongst the Scotland fans wearing white jerseys :D
Normally an underwhelming England edge past a passionate Scotland team in that one, but anything can happen! Blue at home this year for England; Cardiff the toughest end to a campaign for an England team, I feel.
I scarcely think its far that if someone like gethinceri was to make a frighteningly inaccurate prediction, it would be highlighted. Since the humble pie industry is not paying any tax, so any errors should be left alone really.
Great win for Italy today, hopefully this is a turning point for them in the Six nations and that they become more competitive from here on in.
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