Radio 5 live commentaries


I was in Africa for charity work for the last couple of weeks and so missed the epic Spa GP. Although I asked my family to record the race, can anyone advise if there is an archive for mp3 files of 5 live commentaries and podcasts, I tried accessing the radio on iPlayer, which you can abroad, but it was not working. Thanks in advance.
Drop me a PM with your e-mail address Foaad and I'll e-mail the Chequered Flag pod cast to you, best I can offer.
Thanks for the replies, well I find both pairs interesting, its just that I would love to hear the reaction of Anthony and David when Vettel made those overtaking moves, considering the slack they gave him at British GP. And FB, I managed to download the CFF1 podcast, it was an interesting mix, race preview only on iplayer not for download, race available on iplayer but not working and CFF1 available for download.
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