R.I.P John Lowry Dobson


Rooters Reporter
I had not seen any reports of John Dobson's death a few days ago but then don't follow the science pages as much as I should these days. He passed away on 15th January after a great innings at the age of 98. I first heard if this chap a long time ago when he was, if I recall correctly, interviewed by the late Patrick Moore. A couple of years ago, when I was researching how to build one's own telescope. John was an American amateur astronomer who invented the Dobsonian telescope which effectively revolutionised amateur astronomy.

His design enabled amateurs with limited funds and resources to build portable telescopes based on the Newtonian reflector design. He further encouraged wider public interest in astronomy with street demonstrations and lectures and help including his performances of "sidewalk astronomy." John Dobson was also the co-founding the "San Francisco Sidewalk Astronomers" an amateur astronomical organisation.

I came across him again on the web and downloaded a stack of info' including some of his original drawings. Not yet got around to building one though! Anyway, since I hadn't noticed anything about his passing I thought I would pay my belated respects, so R.I.P John Lowry Dobson and thank you for the Dobsonian Telescope.
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