Qually Rules Shake Up


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The teams are meeting on the 21st to discuss altering the qually rules to ensure proper running in all 3 sessions. The concern is that with reduced reliability and a need to conserve tyres there will be very little Q3 running with some teams choosing not to run at all.

Possible amendments would be to give an addition set of tyres for Q3 which would then be handed back after qually. Or to force the 10 drivers that make Q3 to start the race on the tyres they ran in Q2.

I don't know what the solution is but something has to be done. Q3 was an anti-climax several times last year and I can only see it getting worse for 2014.


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Qually has been pretty pointless this year anyhow due to Vettel's dominance and due to DRS. If Vettel qualifies on pole then he's in the lead for the rest of the race. if he doesn't, then he takes the lead from lap 2 or 3 when DRS is enabled.
Simple, anyone who doesn't set a lap time, regardless of whether it's Q1, Q2 or Q3 starts at the back. If they time they set is outside of 107% of the pole time they have to get complete agreement from every other team on the grid for that car to start the race. Marussia and Caterham would love it.
Well something needs to be done, some of the non-appearances in Q3 the last couple of years have been embarassing to the sport.
For what it's worth I agree with FB.
How has not appearing in Q3 been embarrassing to the sport? The rules are the rules, and the teams analyze the cost and benefits of running and not running and decide not to. They don't think they will do well and go for strategy instead. Adds a new element. I don't necessary like the start on quali tyres rule but not running in Q3 is just making the most out of what the rules are.
I never got this reformatting of quali stuff to make it exciting for the 'show'. Its pre-show! The race is the show. Whats next? Lets spice up the parade lap! I mean its not very entertaining and we have to think of 'the show'. I know lets make them reverse round.

Anyways I have a solution for quali. One hour session. Fastest time gets pole, second fastest time gets second etc etc etc. It works in every other type of motorsport ever including F1 for 30 odd years so I think it'll ok.
It was changed from the single hour format to make qualifying more exciting and it worked perfectly, at least up until everything became about the tyres in 2011 and to some extent also since the new teams came and made Q1 largely a damp squib in 2010... oh and the 2011/2013 seasons in which Vettel was dominant. It's still better than the old format though, when nothing would happen for half an hour. Why shouldn't qualifying be exciting as well as the race? Especially if you've paid through the roof for a ticket to be at the circuit to watch it in the flesh.

Option a:
Don't change anything, the tyres are apparently harder this season anyway and there's not much wrong with the system in the first place.

Option b:
Remove the rule that Q3 drivers have to start the race with the tyre they qualified on.
Give everyone an extra set of option tyres to do whatever they want with over the weekend.
Hope no driver is dominant and that no team is well off the pace.
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Problem is that the tyres are more durable, but the engines and gearboxes are more fragile than last year. So you can give the teams as many tyres as you want, they still wanna save the engine.
Yes. Do you have a tissue?

As I said over in the other thread. Well done on taking those 2 mins off Q2 FIA. Its nice to see we have a sporting body that aren't afraid to go tackle the big rules. I mean I've lost count of the people I heard complainig about Q2 being 2 mins too long and Q3 being 2 mins to short!

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