Predictions for the 2010 F1 season


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Life_W12 said:
1. The Korean Grand Prix will not take place

2. There will be no on track overtaking at Valencia

3. Kamui Kobyashi will win a race

4. Felipe Massa won't be the same after the accident and will retire at season's end

5. There will be another "-gate" scandal to rock the sport after "Spygate" and "Crashgate"

6. Someone will crash in the Abu Dhabi pit tunnel

7. There will be a crash at Monaco so huge, not fatal, that it will put the future of that circuit in doubt

1. Still likely
2. Mayble but considering this years stats...............
3. No chance
4. Well he's resigned till 2012
5. There's been plant of controversy, but none worthy of a "-gate"
6. Not yet
7. Well there weren't really any crashes worthy of being called huge except Barrichello


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Brogan said:
4. The FIA will introduce licenses for team owners, principles and all other senior members.
It looks like I might be right with another prediction.

“Competitor’s staff” FIA Licence
A proposal relating to specific licences for members of staff of competitors entered in the FIA World Championships has been submitted to the Formula One Commission. This is under consideration for implementation in the FIA Formula One World Championship from the start of 2011, with a view to inclusion in other FIA World Championships in the future.



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snowy said:
1. I predict that although all the evidence will be to the contrary that there will be a huge out pooring of vitriol against the banning of refuelling. With people stating catagorically that the racing was better in past seasons.

How could I have predicted that they would come up with an idea to "spice up the show" that I could detest more vehemently than refuelling?! :dunno:

I would have to have been psychic...

A quick status check shows that none of my predictions have come to pass or show any sign of coming to pass... So I am definately not psychic.


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teabagyokel said:
  • Fernando Alonso will not win both Barcelona and Valencia.
  • McLaren will not win the British GP.
  • The nationality of the winner of the British GP will not win the World Cup final that evening!(esp. if they're in a McLaren!)

Strike three to teabagyokel.
teabagyokel said:
  • If Felipe Massa leads Fernando Alonso in the World Championship by mid-season, Alonso will lose his temper.

How did I know he didn't need to be behind Massa?


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6) There will be a ill-thought out mid season rule "Clarification" that will come out of nowhere

I'm claiming my one and only correct prediction so far with this one.

The New Safety Car Ruling. (Also known as the Safety Car Hokey Cokey)

1) On receiving notice of the safety car deployment all drivers will.........

Select a safety car map, watch your delta time, map, time, map time, speed up, slow down, turn your car around.
Do the safety car hokey cokey until you get a drive through, now what was that all about?
Oh safety car hokey cokey......

Well, you get the idea.


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Just thought I'd revisit my predictions in light of Hulkenberg's pole:

Lewis Hamilton - World Drivers Champion
Sebastien Vettel will be runner up
Red Bull will win the Constructors Championship
Campos will use 5 different drivers through the season
Nico Hulkenberg in a Williams will win a Grand Prix
Heikki Kovaleinen will be a revalation at Proton Lotus
Mark Webber will be retired at the end of the season
Juan Pablo Montoya will join USF1 mid-season
Max Moseley will reappear in F1 in some capacity
Bernie Ecclestone will offend: White people, black people, Asians, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, agnostics, athiests and deists
Robert Kubica will be so bald by the end of the season he will shave his head
Mclaren will insist Button is clean shaven

What chance a Williams victory tomorrow? Not much I'm afraid. Also, on the subject of Bernie offending people I found this quote on the ESPN website in relation to Virgin & HRT:

Ecclestone said earlier in the week that F1 needs 'to get rid of a few of those cripples', referring to some of the new teams and that Richard Branson should put some money into his team.

Really, what is wrong with the man?
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