Pirelli start F1 tyre testing


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I have seen this reported on several different F1 news sites, so it appears to be true.

"Pirelli will reportedly begin its Formula One track testing programme on Monday.

According to the Spanish daily AS, the sport's new tyre supplier for 2011 will be running at the Mugello circuit near Florence in Italy.

The sports newspaper said Nick Heidfeld will be at the wheel of a Pirelli-shod 2009 Toyota.

http://www.motorsport.com/news/article. ... 2037&FS=F1
Will the '09 Toyota have a full size fuel tank? If not, will the test result be representative of this years cars?
Possibly does.But I can't see these tests being of much use.
2011 the cars will have a minimum weight of 640kg.They will be carrying a much heavier fuel load.And the tyres will have to cope with a sudden extra 80bhp from KERS.
McLarenSupremo said:
Couldn't they use the un-raced 2010 Toyota, that would provide more accurate results surely?

It probably would be more useful.But there may be reasons why that car is not available.Even so, next years cars will almost certainly have markedly different chassis design to accomodate the KERS device and to best utilise the extra weight distribution/
I'd image that the would be able to load up on ballast to the maximum weight of a 2011 spec car. Obviously this will not be the perfect test, but as the are bringing in the mandatory weight balance for 2011 (52-48 F/R I think) they should be able to adjust the ballast accordingly.

Obviously, if that happens, then the only major difference will be the differences in the wheel bases of the 2 cars. However, I'd imagine they would be able to simulate a 2011 well enough to gain some decent data.
Consider this, bridgestone didn't get to test their tires for this season on a 2010 car until the pre-season test sessions. They worked from their 2009 data up until that point. Pirelli have no data so they will learn something from these tests.

The question I have is when will the teams share with Pirelli the data on their car designs?
I'm guessing Ferrari will share the data straight away, especially as these tests are on their circuit and they have could interpret the results of the tests easier than the other teams as they have so much data on this circuit already and know the quirks of the layout and tarmac.

I can't understand why the tests are taking place there and not at an actual GP circuit or even Paul Ricard, where all the teams have existing data..

Its a conspiracy I tell you..
Agreed Flood, I'd imagine they would just load it up with ballast, try to get the balance about where it should be for 2011 and gather data, ignoring other factors such as increased wheel base etc.
teabagyokel said:
I picked this up on the CTA News Feed!



So its the tyres now; in days gone by he could drive anything!

And Heidfeld is apparently a double-agent trying to match the tyres with the hypothetical 2011 Merc...

I spotted that too, does this mean Heidfeld has changed his driving style to match Schuey's? ie Driving as close to walls as possible and cutting chicanes.
teabagyokel said:
Apparently Pirelli are testing how well their tyres are going to last when spinning and taking various gravel trap detours, since they've hired Briatore's pet Frenchman Romain Grosjean

Not andre de cesaris instead? Though when you think about it, this is good lateral thinking as no doubt this will happen! Pirelli don't want to find their tyres are fantastic @ a 200mph straight line or 160mph through a corner, only to find picking up gravel from a trap causes a tear in the tyre which only delaminates a lap later @ the said 200/160mph.
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